Shine with energy, the spirit of victory over yourself

(Sports news) The Vietnamese sports delegation attending the 11th Southeast Asian Para Games in 2022 was present in the host country Indonesia to prepare for the competition. Having the opportunity to talk with the coaches and athletes attending this Games, I can see all the desire to compete in the largest sports festival in Southeast Asia for the disabled. And believe that, this will be the place where energy and self-conquest shine.

Difficult as ASEAN Para Games

Normally, the countries that host the SEA Games will host the ASEAN Para Games. However, in the past few years, the hosting of the ASEAN Para Games has been disturbed, mainly for objective reasons.

Vietnam Sports Delegation before going to Indonesia to attend the 11th ASEAN Para Games. Photo: Nguyen Hai.

Vietnamese sports cannot avoid the negative effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. That is also the reason why the organization of the 31st SEA Games has to be moved from November and December 2021 to May 2022.

Just trying to organize the 31st SEA Games also shows the efforts of Vietnam, especially when the decision to postpone the organization was made at a time when the COVID-19 epidemic was still complicated, the time of being controlled was unknown. control. Also because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the 11th ASEAN Para Games could not take place in Vietnam. And when the COVID-19 epidemic in Indonesia was under control, Indonesia actively applied to host the 11th ASEAN Para Games in 2022.

Also in the past nearly 3 years, due to the impact of COVID-19, apart from the cancellation of ASEAN Para Games 10, Vietnamese athletes have hardly had the opportunity to compete internationally, and domestic tournaments have also been postponed or canceled. In fact, only a few excellent players are allowed to participate in some world, continental and Paralympic Tokyo 2020.

By the time the ASEAN Para Games 11 in 2022 was still held and the organizing process took place on time, the excitement among Vietnamese athletes was evident. On the day the Vietnamese Sports Delegation departed for the ASEAN Para Games 11, track and field player Cao Ngoc Hung shared: “When I heard that the ASEAN Para Games were being held again, the athletes were all very happy, telling each other to try their best to practice to bring them back to life. glory for the country and self”.

As for weightlifting athlete Le Van Cong, once emphasized: “Honestly, ASEAN Para Games has always had an important position for athletes with disabilities. It is a place for athletes to show their talents, compete against each other, reap medals and behind that are rewards according to state and local regulations. All of them always create motivation for athletes to practice, compete, and stay healthy to contribute to their families and communities.”

Among the 153 members (15 officials, 18 coaches and 120 athletes) of the Vietnam Disabled Sports Delegation attended the 11th ASEAN Para Games in 8 sports including swimming, weightlifting, badminton, For table tennis, athletics, chess, judo, archery, Hanoi sport has 34 members, including 28 athletes in 6 sports, swimming, weightlifting, badminton, table tennis, athletics, and chess.

Sticking with sports athletes with disabilities for a number of years, should be in charge of disabled sports (Hanoi Sports Training and Competition Center) Do Ngoc Thanh also acknowledged: “The medals and bonuses from ASEAN Para Games are always motivation for athletes, helping them to support themselves and their families. So when participating in the 11th ASEAN Para Games, Hanoi athletes in the national team were very excited and practiced hard. This is also the first international competition of athletes with disabilities in Hanoi since 2018.”

Waiting for the day to shine

In fact, in the process of preparing for the 11th ASEAN Para Games, in addition to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the teams also faced certain difficulties. Domestic tournaments cannot be held continuously because the COVID-19 epidemic makes it more difficult to detect and add athletes for national teams. In particular, localities with athletes participating in the team of the Vietnam Sports Delegation were requested by the General Department of Sports and Sports to support training for athletes. As such, the teams do not focus on training like many previous ASEAN Para Games.

However, sharing with the common difficulties of the Sports industry, localities also organized training and invested more carefully for their athletes who will attend the 11th ASEAN Para Games. Coaching the chess team for people with disabilities Bui Quang Vu also said that he and the Hanoi players have been waiting for the opportunity to compete in the ASEAN Para Games for a long time, so the lack of focus on training means no training. National team mode, also not too big challenge. Simplicity, the motivation to compete, shines at the 11th ASEAN Para Games, making coaches and athletes completely focus on training, looking forward to competing internationally and also hoping that the Games will not be postponed or canceled.

Finally, that wish also gradually came true when the Vietnam Disabled Sports Delegation was present in Indonesia on the afternoon of July 26. Notably, the flight that brought the delegation to Indonesia was a direct flight. If following the normal travel route, the delegation will take 2 days to reach Solo (Indonesia) – where the matches of the 11th ASEAN Para Games will take place.

Of course, such a move will take a lot of energy even for normal people, not to mention disabled athletes. Therefore, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism took the athletes to the venue of the Games by a direct flight. Feedback from the members of the delegation when they arrived in Indonesia, including the leader of the chess team Do Ngoc Thanh, were very excited when the members were all healthy. In addition, the eating and living conditions in Indonesia are also quite good.

Indeed, the journey to the 11th ASEAN Para Games of Vietnamese sports is not simple. But when the difficulties are over, now the athletes can only focus on competing, shining their energy, the will to win over themselves and do a good job as cultural messengers. As the Head of the Delegation and Deputy General Director of the General Department of Sports and Sports Nguyen Hong Minh emphasized, despite difficulties, the Vietnam Disabled People’s Sports Union will try its best to compete, strive for the highest achievements and bring honors. glory for the Fatherland, always in solidarity with the spirit of highly disciplined organization, complying with the regulations and laws of the host country, and at the same time contributing to strengthening solidarity, friendship and cooperation, promoting the image of the host country. photos of the country and people of Vietnam with international friends.


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According to Minh Ha (Police)


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