She thought he was cheating: woman (28) doused her partner with acid – 14 years imprisonment

London – It must have been infernal pain that you wouldn’t wish for anyone …

The British Esther Afrifa (28) has been sentenced to 14 years in prison by a London court because she doused her friend Kelvin Pogo (29) with a caustic liquid in December 2019 – and thus disfigured his face forever.

And why all of this? The madly jealous woman mistakenly thought that her boyfriend had cheated on her …

But let’s start from the beginning: It is December 22nd, 2019 when Kelvin Pogo sleeps deeply on the sofa at 3:30 a.m. His girlfriend Esther, who, according to the Daily Mail, had previously bought a liter of sulfuric acid online, starts and pours the full load of the corrosive liquid over the man’s face.

Kelvin Pogo (photo) wakes up screaming, writhing in pain. As if that wasn’t enough, his girlfriend attacked him again. But the seriously injured acid victim managed to escape, passers-by later found him in front of the metro station in the Wembley district and called the police.

In court, the victim said of his ex-girlfriend today: “She used to be my everything and then she did this to me – I can’t understand it.”

Kelvin Pogo suffered permanent damage to his eyes, head, face and upper body.


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