Shark attack in Australia kills swimmers off Sydney coast

The worst shark attack since 1963 happened off the coast of Sydney (Australia) on Wednesday!

At around 4:30 p.m. (local time), a swimmer was attacked by a shark in the raging waves and was torn to pieces. Rescue workers could only pull body parts out of the water. “Unfortunately, the person suffered catastrophic injuries and there was not much more paramedics could do for him,” an EMS spokesman told the Sydney Morning Herald.

According to the newspaper, it is the first deadly shark attack off Sydney’s coast in almost 60 years.

Fisherman Kris Linto was able to observe everything from a rock: “The shark came and attacked him vertically,” Linto told the broadcaster “9News”. According to the fisherman, it was a four and a half meter great white shark that attacked the swimmer for a long time. “The shark just didn’t stop. It was terrible.”

A swimmer was killed by a shark on a beach near Sydney in front of crowdsPhoto: Reuters

Rescue workers use boats and helicopters to search for human remains

Rescue workers use boats and helicopters to search for human remainsPhoto: Reuters

Video of the attack in the southeastern suburb of Little Bay has been circulating on social media. It shows the shark dragging the swimmer through the waves. Again and again the water turns red before the eyes of shocked beach visitors.

The police used ambulances and helicopters, among other things. Boats combed the water looking for more body parts. Nothing was initially known about the identity of the victim. The beach and other nearby beaches are temporarily closed. According to statistics from Taronga Zoo, it was the first deadly shark attack in Australia this year.


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