Sharapova’s lover: How is a one-time millionaire to cut the heart of a Russian Doll?

(Sports News, Tennis News) Maria Sharapova may officially be the wife of British millionaire Alexander Gilkes next year. The love story of “Russian Doll” and this fiance has interesting features that few people know about.

Video Maria Sharapova and fiance Alexander Gilkes were caught by reporters together at Los Angeles airport (USA) in 2018:

The beauty of the world tennis village Maria Sharapova is still happy with her rich fiancé Alexander Gilkes. Before that, during her time playing, “Russian Doll” Sharapova dated Grigor Dimitrov, a colleague 4 years younger than her.

Sharapova's lover: How is the one-time millionaire's wife

Maria Sharapova and Alexander Gilkes announced their engagement in mid-December last year

Before falling in love with “Little Federer” Dimitrov, Masha was once engaged to the famous former basketball defender of the Los Angeles Lakers Club Sasha Vujacic, the lover with whom she had 3 years of love before they suddenly broke up. in August 2012.

Maria Sharapova and British businessman Alexander Gilkes were first spotted together in March 2018 in Beverly Hills. Three months later, the couple walked together at a charity event called Sir Elton John in New York.

In October 2018, Sharapova and millionaire businessman Alexander Gilkes officially confirmed their love relationship while vacationing together in the Cotsworlds.

On December 17 of last year, Sharapova confirmed she was engaged to Gilkes after 2 years of dating. However, recently, in an interview with MSN TV channel, the former world No. 1 female tennis player confirmed that she and her fiance had not yet determined a wedding date, although according to, the kiss was That ceremony could take place in 2022.

Sharapova said: “I think with the atmosphere in this period (referring to the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic around the world), it will be difficult to plan concretely (for the wedding). There’s so much uncertainty and we haven’t set a date yet.”

“We haven’t discussed it yet because we want our family and friends to feel comfortable and have the right atmosphere, not force them to attend an event due to circumstances. to force”.

Sharapova's lover: How is the one-time millionaire's wife

Fans eagerly congratulated “Russian Doll” Sharapova when she heard that she was engaged to millionaire Gilkes

Alexander Gilkes, Maria Sharapova’s fiancé was born in 1979, 8 years older than her. Gilkes attended many prestigious schools such as Eton College, Berkshire and the University of Bristol. He was also close friends with Prince Harry of the United Kingdom during university and has a close relationship with the prince.

British businessman Alexander Gilkes is the co-founder and chairman of Paddle8, an online auction for collectible art and antiquities.

According to Instore magazine, Sharapova’s fiancé is also the head of Squared Circles, a studio that helps build, promote and grow the world’s potential businesses.

Before coming to Sharapova, Alexander Gilkes had a wife life. In 2012, he married fashion designer Misha Nonoo, but this relationship lasted only 4 years before they separated in 2016 and finalized divorce proceedings in the summer of 2017.

According to, businessman Alexander Gilkes currently owns a net worth of 20 million USD (more than 453 billion VND).

Sharapova's lover: How is the one-time millionaire's wife

The British businessman once experienced a broken marriage with his ex-wife, fashion designer Misha Nonoo

Sharing in an interview with Corriere Della Sera newspaper, Sharapova revealed why she found the true love of her life when she met Alexander Gilkes.

“I found it much easier than I imagined. If a man makes me smile and happy, he has a good chance of winning my love. I like men who surprise me and open my eyes to things I didn’t know, or didn’t think of,” Sharapova said.


The rich beauty Sharapova

(Sports news, Tennis beauty news) Maria Sharapova has always been constantly improving and discovering her abilities right…

According to Dang Duc (Collected from Tennis World USA & Republic World) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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