Sharapova was engaged to Goddess 2m01, suddenly broke up, why?

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(Sports news, tennis news) At 22 years old, Sharapova was engaged to a tall, handsome basketball player, but they suddenly broke up.

In December 2020, Maria Sharapova announced on social media that she had admitted the feelings of British millionaire Alexander Gilkes and agreed to be engaged to this guy. But this is not the first engagement of the famous tennis player. Ten years ago, Sharapova was the “half” of basketball player Sasha Vuyachich.

Sharapova once fell in love with the handsome Vuyachich player

As Maria Sharapova admits in her autobiography, she didn’t have a serious relationship until she was 22 years old.

Masha’s criteria for choosing a boyfriend at that time were as follows: “First of all, he must understand and respect what I do. He must have a life purpose. And he must also be a practical and humble person. If the person had millions of dollars, it would be impossible to guess what he would think. He must have a good sense of humor. He should be gentle, caring, and sweet. Be open and don’t be afraid to tell the truth. And most importantly, he should love me for who I am, not for the way I look.

In 2009, such a “pragmatic and modest” Eastern European-style man appeared in front of Sharapova. Sharapova’s friend organized a barbecue with Masha and Vuyachich invited. “He appeared, with his hair still wet after bathing, wearing a sports suit. I like that picture. Saturday night, and he just finished training? My man, “Masha recounted in her diary.

Sharapova recounts: “It was like an electric thread ran through us when we met. We matched each other. He had a home in Los Angeles and was a professional athlete; He was tall, he was private. only Eastern Europeans, and he’s close to his family. “

But the important thing is that both Masha’s parents are opposed to their daughter who loves sports athletes, they want the tennis “Doll” to marry a more knowledgeable man. Despite being banned, the two sports stars decided to come together, they traveled many places together, and were always present on the stands cheering the spirit every time “the other half” played.

In October 2010, exactly a year after they met, the couple announced their engagement. “It was like in a dream: I asked Maria to marry me, and she said Yes!”, Vuyachich told reporters. At that time, Vuyachich gave Masha an engagement ring that cost about $ 250,000.

When the relationship was strong, in July 2011, Vuyachich moved to Turkey to play football. The couple met less often and were “far away from heart”. “We have been apart for months, and I have had time to think about our relationship. He cannot accept the fact that I am more successful than he is. My success, my fame. Me, my money seems to be an obstacle to him.

Sharapova was engaged to

The two broke up because they were no longer happy around

After the 2012 Roland Garros championship, Masha said in his diary: “He was very angry when I didn’t mention him in his acceptance speech. He didn’t think about anything else. For months, I was. “Waiting for a sign, a change. But that is impossible. Our relationship is over.”

Curiously, Sharapova did not announce the divorce of the marriage, and it was not until three months later that the reporters accidentally discovered. “Yes this is correct. We broke up a few months ago. I still wait for someone to ask me a story about it, but no one asks,” Sharapova admitted about her own story when she attended the 2012 US Open.

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