Sexless marriages

AmericaSome are taking their friendships to the next level, by entering sexless marriages.

On November 14, 2020, in New York, Jay Guercio and Krystle Purificato exchanged wedding rings and also shared their first and only kiss.

“I want her to continue to be my best friend and life partner,” said Ms Guercio, 23, a communications student at Farmingdale State College.

Both are close friends. They used to date a man or a woman but did not fall in love. In September 2020, they decided to get married. Currently, the two sleep in the same bed as two friends.

They get married because they want a family life but not sex.

Jay Guercio (left) and Krystle Guercio at the wedding ceremony on November 14, 2020. Photo: Nytimes

There are no statistics on the number of best friend marriages as many are not public, but conversation topics have popped up recently on Reddit and in smaller communities such as asexual (no or less attractive). sex) and animosity (not in love), suggesting that this may be a marital trend being picked up by a group of people.

“We are so used to monogamous relationships that we stigmatize other types of relationships as nonconforming,” says Nick Bognar, a marriage and family therapist in Pasadena, California. said.

Kim Reiter, 40 years old, an ordinary woman. In 2013, she met an asexual man on the dating network OkCupid. They quickly became close friends and got married in 2018.

“Our daily lives are like best friends. We talk, watch movies and do everything, but there’s no romantic element in it,” Reiter said. Sometimes they hug, kiss good night every night, but sleep in separate rooms.

The couple Kema Barton and Dene Brown of Columbus, Ohio, both homosexual (sexually and romantically attracted to any gender), are also in a friendship marriage.

They have been best friends for 7 years. They each have two children from previous relationships. In October 2020, just before Brown gave birth to her second child, the couple decided to get married. They do this because they want to build a family, raise children together, and make all the decisions in life together. The family is in the process of buying a home and will have a joint bank account. Their children consider each other brothers and sisters and call the two women “mother”.

“We’re committed to investing so we can both succeed and in the end, we love each other so much,” said Miss Brown, 30, a disabled Navy veteran. The two have never been intimate with each other and give each other the freedom to date outside of marriage.

Kema Barton (left) and Dene Brown were married last October.  They have never been intimate with each other and both have the freedom to date outside of marriage.  Photo: Nytimes

Kema Barton (left) and Dene Brown were married last October. Photo: Nytimes

According to therapist Kimberly Perlin, of Towson, Maryland, best friends often find compatibility and understanding. Many people want to keep their family life separate from romantic relationships. They believe that, if there is romance, there will be no stability and vice versa, family life has no place for romance.

“If both people understand each other’s expectations well, it can be a successful marriage,” Kimberly says.

In the US, where marriage is encouraged with tax breaks and other perks, marrying someone with whom you’re close offers many benefits.

Jullep Teah, 24, who works in a call center in San Antonio, Texas, said she feels “inseparable” from her future wife, Ashley Roberts, 25, of Texas.

Miss Teah, semisexual (between asexual and sexual), plans to marry Miss Roberts, her best friend since sixth grade. They made financial decisions together, traveled the country twice and now buy a home together. They share two dogs and aren’t sure if they want children, but could adopt in the future.

Teah suffers from social anxiety, which makes it difficult for her to be intimate with anyone and is not interested in romantic relationships. In the young girl’s mind, marriage is more than sex and romance. Her emotional needs are met and she cannot imagine life without Roberts by her side.

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