Sex offender: He repeatedly masturbated in front of young girls

Röbel (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) – An exhibitionist has been causing fear and horror among young girls in Rödel for days. On Tuesday he was finally caught – shortly after the young man (20) had masturbated again in front of a young person (15).

Due to the brave appearance of the 15-year-old, at least his personal details are now known. Because he is under strong suspicion of having masturbated in front of girls several times in the area of ​​the elephant playground since the beginning of August.

So also on Tuesday, when the suspect sat on a bench in front of the girl jerked off. The youth immediately remembered a public search after a similar incident and informed the police.

“Shortly before the emergency services reached the scene, the exhibitionist left on foot. The youngster followed the man at a suitable distance until she met the police officers. He was arrested, “said a police spokesman. The young man could be identified as a 20-year-old Romanian. According to initial findings, he is said to be visiting the city.

His appearance corresponded exactly to the previous descriptions of witnesses and images, so that he is urgently suspect to be considered for the other cases of exhibitionism.

However, since an application for an arrest warrant was rejected, the alleged sex offender was released after his personal details were recorded.

“The young witness acted in an exemplary manner, because she immediately called the police and described the facts clearly and specifically,” the spokesman praised the 15-year-old. It goes without saying that any possible prosecution of suspects or intervention in criminal offenses should always be carried out under the aspect of one’s own safety.

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