Set a world record when running and pushing 5 animals

AmericaChad Kempel of Oakland, Calif., completed a 21-kilometer jog while pushing her five children, weighing 109 kilograms, in a stroller, in late March.

During the race, his wife Amy rode along to cheer her husband on. Children in the car cheering Chad: Run faster, Dad!

Chad Kempel said it was a challenging race, it was very hot and he was exhausted. At one point he turned to his wife and said he couldn’t finish the race. “I don’t know if I can go any further. I forgot how heavy the cubs are, especially on steep slopes,” he said.

Mr. Chad pushed his five children while running, winning a world record. Photo: Chad Kempel

However, while running, Chad wore a sign that read “Anything can happen”. He repeated that phrase over and over again. “It seems to work,” says Chad Kempel. He finished the race in 2 hours 19 minutes, setting a Guinness world record for a half marathon (21.1km) while pushing his children.

In 2019, Chad set another Guinness world record in a full marathon of 42 km in 5 hours and 31 minutes, while pushing his children. After finishing the journey, he continued to run for exactly 27.3 miles (44 km) to pay tribute to his wife, who was pregnant with five children in 27 weeks and 3 days.

Chad's extended family at the festival in California, late March 2022.  Photo: Chad Kempel

Chad’s extended family at the festival in California, late March 2022. Photo: Chad Kempel

Chad is a data science specialist. His wife had 5 births with three boys and two girls in January 2018. They have two older daughters aged 7 and 5. Chad told local TV station that he hopes the kids will join him in the next race.

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