Service of hiring handsome men to go shopping

JapanGirls who choose the “Secret Shopping” service will be served meals by handsome guys, giving advice to choose outfits to help them shine.

Swallowtail located on Ikebukuro Street is one of the most famous “butler cafes” in Tokyo. Here, handsome, elegant men, known as butlers, will serve the customers, as they sip herbal tea and eat cakes.

Not only serving salty tea, the guy also accompanied the lady to the theater, listening to symphony or attending events for dojinshi (novel) fans.

From that idea, Swallowtail cafe cooperates with Axes Femme apparel brands to provide male and female customers shopping. The ladies will be accompanied by the guy who comes along to give advice on how to coordinate their outfits to match their personal style and sparkle.

Ladies enjoy the “Secret Shopping” service. Image: PR Times

Each shopping shift lasts 70 minutes, guests must book in advance to ensure that there are guys ready to help at the first second of the appointment.

Swallowtail Coffee and Axes Femme brand call the service “Secret Shopping”. They have held the event a few times, but this summer, it officially appeared in Osaka.

The event was so popular that the number of people registered was four times the number of seats available, even though the service fee was 20,000 yen (3.4 million VND) for 24 women. When there are 24 customers, the store closes and does not accept anyone.

The activity aims to help girls enjoy the feeling of choosing clothes from the closet in a private mansion, so big that they need help from the butler to make decisions.

Recognizing this as a potential service, Axes Femme and Swallowtail are looking to expand to other cities.

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