Serious police breakdown while monitoring Gabby Petito’s fiancé

It has long been a sad certainty: Gabby Petito († 22) is dead.

At the end of September, an autopsy revealed that the remains (found in a national park in the US state of Wyoming) were the corpse of the American woman who had been missing for weeks. It is also clear that the young woman was the victim of a violent crime.

Brian Laundrie (23) is an urgent suspect. But the ex-fiancé is as if swallowed by the earth. Police officers in several US states are looking for the alleged killer.

Now the Florida police have admitted that a serious mistake was made in the manhunt. It is reported by CNN.

Gabby Petito’s mother Nichole Schmidt mourns the loss of her daughterPhoto: John Minchillo / AP

According to this, Brian Laundrie returned from the road trip with his fiancée at the time on September 1 of this year – and on his own. Ten days later, Gabby’s parents reported their daughter missing because they could not contact her or her future son-in-law.

According to the Laundrie family, Brian disappeared around the middle of September – the parents allegedly don’t want to know the exact date. During this period, the North Port (Florida) police had already monitored the 23-year-old due to Gabby’s missing person report. Maybe two or more days.

And yet the alleged murderer was able to go into hiding. Serious glitch while monitoring Brian Laundrie!

Was it all just a facade?  Gabby Petito and her alleged killer, ex-fiancé Brian Laundrie

Was it all just a facade? Gabby Petito and her alleged killer, ex-fiancé Brian LaundriePhoto: imago images / ZUMA Press

Also incomprehensible: According to a spokesman, the officials never spoke to the urgent suspect. When the police drove to the Laundries family estate on September 11, the day Gabby was reported missing, the wanted man was not found.

It is already the second failure of investigating authorities after the appearance of the bodycam video!

On October 1, the city of Moab – whose officials had been called into the dispute between Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie on August 12 – announced that it was investigating the incident internally. “We admit that the death of Gabby Petito two weeks after the police check-in can lead to speculation about the measures taken during the operation.”

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The law enforcement officers had only separated the couple for one night. Gabby Petito slept in the shared van, Brian Laundrie in a motel. Then they continued their fateful road trip.

On September 19, investigators found the young woman’s remains.


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