Sepp Müller: Member of the Bundestag helps in the health department

Wittenberg (Saxony-Anhalt) – Political vacation and parliamentary break – despite Corona, the year ends in many places according to scheme F. “F” for vacation. Sepp Müller (31, CDU) spelled differently in the crisis: “F” for fire extinguisher!

“After all, the hut is on fire here,” says the member of the Bundestag from Graefenhainichen. The family man and three of his office employees have been helping out at the Wittenberg health department since December 22nd.

Sepp Müller (31, CDU. Left) is currently helping in the health department as a Corona helper

Photo: Steffen Schellhorn

Your mission: Corona contact tracking in one of the districts of Saxony-Anhalt hardest hit by the second wave of pandemics. Even on Christmas Eve, Müller kept his wife and son waiting.

“At the beginning of our use, the 7-day incidence was over 300, now it is still 269,” Müller told BILD yesterday. He only wants to cancel when a value below 50 has been reached: “As a precaution I have already extended until the end of January.”

The people in the health department, who research every person who tested positive to break the chain of transmission, are heroes for the politician: “It took me a whole day for my first three cases alone, but in the end we didn’t know all the contacts.”

For his politician colleagues, who in such a situation also demand the parallel digitization of the administration, he has one piece of advice: “It works out quickly if you do it yourself.”

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