“Senseless”, “Exaggerated”, “Terrible” – anger over lockdown in Rottal-Inn

Parish churches – The shift has been in the shaft since midnight. In the Rottal Inn district (approx. 120,000 inhabitants) there is a new lockdown, the traffic light is dark red, the incidence value was around 239 new infections on Tuesday morning, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

The mood in Pfarrkirchen, the capital of the district, is mixed. Hotel employee Claudia (35) to BILD. “It’s a fine line. The children have to stay home again. Home schooling is never like real school lessons. In my opinion it has not been proven that Corona is much worse than the flu. “

The general mood in the city? “The older parishioners stick to the guidelines very quickly, they are scared. The younger people naturally want to go to the pub, that’s rather difficult. “

A new lockdown applies in the Rottal-Inn districtPhoto: Armin Weigel / dpa

A mechanical engineer who works for an Italian company in Pfarrkirchen complains: “It’s just too much. You don’t understand the measures anymore, but you just accept them. “

Matthias Kolb (24), who works in a fitness studio: “Difficult to evaluate. On the one hand it might be useful, on the other hand it is of course terrible. Most of my friends think the lockdown is pointless. “

A taxi driver (25) says: “It feels no different in Pfarrkirchen than in other cities. In my opinion it is completely exaggerated. “

The parish church Florian Kopfhammer (25) was still in the gym on Monday evening. He said: “On the one hand, the measure is understandable, for me personally it is of course bad because the fitness studio has now closed for ten days. Today I’ll stay until I’m kicked out. “

Florian Kopfhammer had a last training session in the gym yesterday

Florian Kopfhammer had a last training session in the gym yesterdayPhoto: Stephan Kürthy

After the Berchtesgadener Land district, Rottal-Inn is the second district in Bavaria in which public life is again drastically restricted. There are no comparable measures in other federal states.

The district administrator of the Rottal-Inn district, Michael Fahmüller, sees the proximity to Austria as one of the reasons for the enormously increased corona numbers. “You have to say that openly,” he said – even if you couldn’t prove this connection. In the neighboring country, the measures were not as strict as in the Free State for a long time.

On Tuesday there is a meeting between Bavaria’s State Chancellor Florian Herrmann (CSU) and Austria’s European Minister Karoline Edtstadler (ÖVP) – the topic could be discussed there.


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