Selling in Bulk: Why It’s Not So Easy

Rozenn Fontanel will remember when he entered his fifties. On April 26, 2016, this marketing and communication consultant not only celebrated her half-century, she also recovered the keys to her new life. Namely those of its first bulk store, a Day by Day of 55 square meters in the 15e arrondissement in Paris – the network now has 74 franchised stores (located in France and Belgium) and is targeting 35 million euros in turnover in 2021. “I no longer felt in harmony in my work with my values ​​and my personal commitments”, she explains soberly.

Harnessed in a green apron, she now spends her days filling her “Silos” of coffee and sugar, to support customers who are a little lost in the shelf life dates, to repair clumsy overflows, to calibrate the jars made available to unequipped customers, to promote this way of consuming which reduces packaging and waste… In 2018, convinced by experience, she took over a second Day by Day, in the 17e district of the capital. Its stores have become, thanks to the bulk fashion, veritable small laboratories. At the moment, there is moisturizing cream delivered by a machine specially designed by the Cozie brand, as well as organic yogurt, being tested before its deployment in the network. Gone are the days of the pioneers when cookies were a little soft and hazelnuts a little rancid! Aujo

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