Sell ​​your house and live on a cruise ship

AmericaAngelyn Burk and his wife, of Seattle, sold their house on board because they thought it was cheaper than paying off a mortgage.

With only one suitcase each, Angeluyn Burk and Richard left home, left their jobs behind, and started living on cruise ships from May 2021. “We love to travel and wanted to find a way to be constantly traveling in retirement,” says Angelyn Burk.

Over the past year, the 50-year-old couple boarded dozens of ships to travel around the world. They used to sit for 51 days going from Seattle (USA) to Sydney (Australia), floating on the Adriatic Sea.

When planning, they try to stay on a ship for as long as possible, just as cheaply as possible. The couple set a limit of $135 per day to spend, but often a lot less.

This year, the couple spent 86 days on board, with an average cost of just $89 per day. “Room, food, entertainment, transportation, fees and taxes, totaling $32,385 a year,” Angelyn said.

That money is in the couple’s retirement budget. Having experience in cruises, they take advantage of loyalty programs so that all trips are discounted.

Life on a comfortable, pleasant cruise ship of the couple Angelyn Burk. Image: Angelyn Burk

According to Zillow, a real estate business, the common home price in Seattle is around $980,000. The cost of buying a home in this area has increased 17.8% in the past year. The average monthly cost of a 30-year fixed mortgage with a 20% down payment is more than $5,000 a month or $60,000 a year.

With cheaper mortgage payments and a relaxed state of mind, the Burks have no intention of returning to the mainland.

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