Selecting and using trees to increase prosperity

Using trees and ornamental plants to make front porches, balconies, and windows a popular and effective solution in modern feng shui.

In ancient architecture, each house usually has a front porch, a back porch, two wings and a window system. In which, the front porch is attached to the main door and yard (or path, alley), is the main “channel” of progress, has the role of neutralizing and filtering vitality before leading to the interior.

The main door and the front porch combine to form the “qi mouth” (air door) of a family, they need to be placed in a relationship of mutual birth and birth, otherwise it will cause the family’s fortune to decline. .

Using trees and ornamental plants to make front porches, balconies, and windows a popular and effective solution in modern feng shui. Artwork:

In the current context, especially for urban houses and apartments, before increasing prosperity, it is necessary to ensure that the front porch, balcony and windows are clean and airy.

This system should not be used as a place to expose or store objects. The air produced by dampness or storing old things will invade the entire interior of the house, making it impossible for vital energy to enter; It is no different from people living and working in a polluted environment, which gradually becomes ill. Use flowers and ornamental plants to promote vitality according to the following principles:

– Do not use flowers, ornamental plants with sharp thorns or vines with dense leaves; Leaves attract many kinds of resident insects, especially caterpillars.

– Do not use seasonal deciduous trees, trees with large roots that require frequent and frequent watering.

– Do not plant trees directly on the yard right next to the eaves. Minimize the use of aquatic plants or vines with many extra roots.

– It is recommended to use ornamental pots (pots) with flowers and plants with bright colors, fragrance, less deciduous and green all year round. If conditions permit, flower pots – ornamental plants should be rotated in front of the veranda, seasonal balcony is best, specifically:

+ In spring, flowers such as apricot, peach, tulip, orchid, rhododendron should be used.

+ In the summer, you should put a wall of vi, rose, chrysanthemum, natural ox, dahlia, jaw Tieu, jelly bamboo…

+ In the autumn, you should use chrysanthemums, juniper orchids, hyacinths, and dahlias; and winter should use narcissus, gardenia, lapis lazuli…

– Types of bonsai, ornamental plants can be used all year round to transform, make front porch, balcony… Depending on the actual area, you can choose to use Arhat spare parts, yellow bamboo, figs, births, si stone. , five-color gardenia, ylang-ylang, cypress cypress, millennium … More simple and effective, you can use easy-to-use ornamental plants such as star fruit (bonsai), clover, figs eating fruit (bonsai) , guavas, five houseplants, burdock flowers, hibiscus, man Hao tea…

Using flowers and ornamental plants in the right way and types can enhance the prosperity of the living and working space of the family or agency or unit. Even if this important “mouth-to-mouth” system has a close range, it will be basically neutralized; at the same time make an important contribution to the beauty and greening of the environment.

The main door (including the front porch) often violates Hoang Tuyen in relation to the gate, entrance, corridor door, elevator door… Windows, room doors, corridors often commit Bat Sat in relation to air. password.

Huangquan often causes disease in the six organs of the body, harms virtue, and gradually declines in luck. Bat killing often causes family members to encounter unusual disasters, being stolen by thieves, blood-light accidents…

Houses or premises with main doors (gates), side doors and internal corridors creating an obtuse corner in the shape of an L or T are often taboo of Bat Sat.

For the reasons mentioned above, feng shuiists pay great attention to increasing prosperity and qi for front porches, balconies and windows. In addition to the design and repair to ensure this system avoids the correlation of Bat Sat and Hoang Tuyen, using trees and ornamental plants to make front porches, balconies and windows is a popular and effective solution in many aspects. .

Cultural researcher Pham Dinh Hai


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