Secretly taking wedding photos for parents after 54 years

Nghe AnTo repay the gratitude of her parents and fulfill her mother’s dream of wearing a bride’s dress, Ms. Sam secretly took the two of them to take a wedding photo shoot, on July 3.

Nguyen Thi Sam’s parents are Mr. Nguyen Canh Thiem, 79 years old and Mrs. Phan Thi Nhung, 74 years old, from Yen Thanh district. Mr. Thiem was blind since childhood, married Mrs. Nhung and had 5 children (three boys, two girls). After 54 years, the two grandparents overcame all difficulties and raised adult children.

“Every time I was invited to a wedding, my mother always asked the bride if she wore a beautiful dress, what the wedding dress would look like. I know she has a secret dream of once wearing a bride’s dress,” explained Ms. Sam, 29 years old. for his job. “I look forward to seeing my mother beaming in a wedding dress, after years of hard work,” she said.

Ms. Phan Thi Nhung, 74 years old, took wedding photos with her husband Nguyen Canh Thiem, 79 years old, after 54 years of marriage, on the afternoon of July 3. Image: Characters provided

In early July, Ms. Sam brought her son from Binh Duong to her hometown to visit his grandparents. In order to prepare for her secret plan, she actively contacted the local photo shop, provided her parents’ body measurements to choose an outfit.

On the afternoon of July 3, Sam took his parents and four grandchildren to the car, said that the district had some business and went straight to the wedding photo shop. When she got there, Mrs. Nhung still thought about taking her grandson to take pictures, but when the staff started to do makeup, hair and help her put on a white wedding dress, the 74-year-old woman was stunned. “Parents are old, take wedding photos and they laugh for them”, Ms. Nhung refused. Encouraged by her children and grandchildren, thinking that the husband and wife have been married for 54 years and have never had a photo together, she nodded in agreement.

The shoot of the 74-year-old bride and 79-year-old groom lasted an hour and a half. Ms. Nhung was changed twice with a white wedding dress and a red ao dai. For the first twenty minutes, Mr. Thiem stood to take pictures with his wife, but then had to change his posture because his leg hurt. Daughters and grandchildren enthusiastically guide grandparents to pose and laugh to have the most natural picture.

Mr. Van Vo Son, 25 years old, a photographer for Ms. Sam’s family that day said, the most special thing was that the old man’s eyes could not see but he was always smiling. Mr. Thiem also always followed closely, holding his wife’s hand very affectionately. “I can clearly feel the happiness in the old woman’s eyes,” Mr. Son said.

He used to take wedding photos for hundreds of couples, but this shoot made Mr. Son very emotional when the bride and groom were all near 80 and were defective. “In front of the camera, grandparents are still shy, can’t pose like young people, but still have beautiful, natural moments,” said the photographer.

Mrs. Nhung and Mr. Thiem took a wedding photo with ao dai.  Photo: Character provided

Mrs. Nhung and Mr. Thiem took a wedding photo with ao dai on the afternoon of July 3. Image: Characters provided

After the shoot, Ms. Sam released a large photo to hang on the wall. “I don’t want to only hang wedding photos of my children and grandchildren in the house, but also have to have wedding photos of my parents,” the youngest daughter said.

Mr. Thiem and Mrs. Nhung got married in 1968 after a sketchy wedding without special tables or costumes. He went blind after an eye attack when he was two years old. When he reached the age to get married, the families in the area did not agree to marry their daughter because they thought he could not afford a family life. Thiem’s ​​mother knew that a girl named Nhung in the village was an orphan, resourceful and hard-working, so she convinced her to become a bride.

Her husband is blind, so she can’t help with the economy and housework. Nhung alone works in the fields, grows vegetables and carries the whole family. Life was difficult and hard, but she never once blamed her husband.

“No one understands and pampers dad as much as mom. From the past until now, my mother didn’t dare to go far. If we had anything delicious or strange, we would bring it back to our father. The love of our parents made us admire,” Ms. Sam said. .

Nhung and her husband took pictures with their youngest daughter and four grandchildren, on the afternoon of July 3.  Photo: Character provided

Nhung and her husband took pictures with their youngest daughter and four grandchildren, on the afternoon of July 3. Image: Character provided.

From the moment she received the wedding photos, Ms. Nhung took them out every day to look at them, then she described to her husband what the pictures looked like. “The photo is beautiful but not complete because some children and grandchildren go to work far away. I hope one day a full picture of children, in-laws, in-laws, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be taken,” said the 74-year-old woman. talk.

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