Schedule of Vietnamese sports delegation at the Tokyo Olympics 2021

Wednesday, July 21, 2021 00:48 AM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, Olympic schedule) The latest update of the detailed schedule of athletes and subjects of the Vietnamese sports delegation at the 2021 Olympics, starting on July 23 and ending on August 8.

Schedule of Vietnamese sports delegation at the Tokyo Olympics 2021

Day Hours Subject content Athletes
7/23 06h30 – 10h10 Rowling Women’s Light Doubles Qualifier Luong Thi Thao

Dinh Thi Hao

23/7 07h00 – 09h00 Archery Women’s 1 String Bow Qualifier Do Thi Anh Nguyet
23/7 11h00 – 13h00 Archery Men’s 1-string bow qualifying round Nguyen Hoang Phi Vu
24 – 28/7 Badminton Men’s singles group stage Nguyen Tien Minh
24 – 28/7 Badminton Women’s singles group stage Nguyen Thuy Linh
24/7 06h30 – 14h30 Shoots 10m pistol Hoang Xuan Vinh
24/7 08h00 – 20h30 Taekwondo 49kg Hạng Truong Thi Kim Tuyen
24/7 08h00 – 20h00 Gymnastics Qualifying round against men Le Thanh Tung
24/7 08h00 – 20h00 Gymnastics Men’s all-around Qualifier Dinh Phuong Thanh
24/7 15h00 – 18h30 Boxing Men’s 57kg qualifying round Nguyen Van Duong
25/7 09h00 – 17h50 Judo Women’s 52kg class Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy
25/7 09h50 – 16h00 Weightlifting Men’s 61kg class Thach Kim Tuan
25/7 09h00 – 19h00 Boxing Women’s 51kg qualifying round Nguyen Thi Tam
25/7 17h – 19h30 Swim Women’s 200m freestyle Nguyen Thi Anh Vien
7/27 09h50 – 16h00 Weightlifting Women’s 59kg class Hoang Thi Duyen
7/28 8:30am – 11:05am Swim Women’s 200m freestyle final
7/28 09h00 – 12h15 Boxing Men’s round 1/8 57kg
7/28 17h15 – 20h30 Gymnastics Almighty Finals
7/29 15h00 – 18h10 Boxing Women’s round 1/8 51kg
7/29 17h – 19h30 Swim 800m women’s freestyle Nguyen Thi Anh Vien
30/7 17h – 19h30 Swim 1500m men’s freestyle Nguyen Huy Hoang
31/7 07h00-10h00 Athletics Women’s 400m hurdles qualifying round
31/7 08h30 – 10h20 Swim Women’s 800m freestyle final
01/8 08h30 – 10h25 Swim Men’s 1500m freestyle final
01/8 15h00 – 18h10 Gymnastics Horse jumping final
01/8 09h00 – 17h40 Boxing Women’s 51kg quarterfinals
01/8 09h00 – 17h40 Boxing Men’s 57kg quarterfinals
02/8 17h00 – 20h00 Athletics Women’s 400m hurdles semi-final
03/8 09h00 – 17h40 Boxing Men’s 57kg semi-final
04/8 07h00 -10h25 Athletics Women’s 400m hurdles final
04/8 12h00 – 14h10 Boxing Women’s 51kg semi-final
05/8 12h00 – 14h10 Boxing Men’s 57kg final
07/8 12h00 – 13h55 Boxing Women’s 51kg final


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