Saxony: Skoda destroyed in a crash with a horse – animal survived

Dresden – The traces of the collision on the front of the Skoda are clearly visible. Hundreds of kilograms of meat, skin and bones then flung over the bonnet and smashed the windshield. After the collision with a car, a horse just kept walking in Saxon Switzerland …

Thursday, 6.30 p.m. on the county road between Borlas and Höckendorf. A woman (52) is out and about with her Skoda Fabia. Suddenly the woman was terrified. In front of their car, an apparently runaway horse appears out of the darkness.

“There was a collision with the horse,” said police spokesman Lukas Reumund (44) to BILD on Friday. The huge animal was knocked over and flung once across the car.

The shocked but fortunately uninjured driver was left in the rubble of her car (15,000 euros damage).

When the rescue workers arrived, the horse was gone. Reumund: “Shortly afterwards it was discovered standing in a nearby paddock and the owner informed.”

According to information provided by the emergency services on site, the animal, which was apparently not seriously injured, was brought to its stall and looked after by the veterinarian. The police are investigating how the horse managed to run away.


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