Saxony: Schools and daycare centers in hotspots will be closed again from Monday

Dresden – The number of infections is simply too high: schools and daycare centers in Saxony’s hotspots will be closed again from Monday!

In the districts of North Saxony, Zwickau and the Erzgebirge, daycare centers and schools will have to close from March 22nd. The pupils in the final classes are excluded. You can still go to school.

Health Minister Petra Köpping (62, SPD) and Culture Minister Christian Piwarz (45, CDU) agreed on this after detailed consultations and discussions with districts. There will be emergency care in the affected districts.

The reason is the increasing incidence in the districts, which have been over 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants for several days.

In Chemnitz, on the other hand, the incidence fell back below 100. Here the schools do not have to be closed. Further developments are awaited in the Meißen district, as the 5-day period does not expire until Friday.

Piwarz: “It must be a goal that after the Easter break the opening of schools and daycare centers can be accompanied by an intensive test regime. Operation in the facilities would then be comparatively safe. At the same time, the incidence value can no longer be the only decisive factor in evaluating the situation. “

According to the Corona Protection Ordinance, daycare centers and schools must be closed again if the seven-day incidence value of 100 new infections per 100,000 residents within a district or district-free city is continuously exceeded on five working days. Classroom teaching in schools and day care can be resumed if the incidence value falls below 100 on five working days.


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