Saxony: Police arrest boys (7) on the way to the after-school care center

Delitzsch (Saxony) – The deportation of a Chechen child (7) triggered a wave of political outrage. The Green Parliament member Petra Cagalj Sejdi (43) speaks of “a case of child welfare”, the left politician Juliane Nagel (43) of a “cold-blooded deportation.”

In Delitzsch, the police stopped little Ahmad T. (7) after school on the way to the “Loberaue” day care center and took him away in front of other children. Together with his mother and grandmother, he was deported to Poland on Tuesday afternoon.

Ahmad T. started school in September 2021. His language skills are said to have been very good for his age. One educator described him as a friendly and polite boy who never caused problems.

His single mother had fled Chechnya with Ahmad from the violent husband.

It was “the only possible time” to pick up the boy “without going to school,” said the regional directorate.

Interior Minister Roland Wöller (51, CDU) to BILD: “The Chechen family came to Germany from Poland in July 2019. The asylum applications were rejected and the transfer back to Poland took place in January 2020. In August 2020, the family again illegally entered Germany. Corresponding asylum applications were just as unsuccessful as judicial proceedings. “

According to the Dublin Agreement, the asylum procedure must take place in the first EU country that a refugee reaches – in this case Poland.


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