Saxony: Man (69) shoots neighbors (58) and himself

Zwickau (Saxony) – Snow piles up on the canopy of the well-kept single-family house on the Kärrnerwegiedlung in Rödlitz. The driveway has been cleared. Only the flutter tape that the police had stretched over the garbage cans disturb the suburban idyll of Lichtenstein near Zwickau.


A dispute between two neighbors had been raging in the Kärrnerweg settlement for some time. On Tuesday, the war on the garden fence escalated. According to BILD information, a man (69) hid with a rifle in his neighbor’s garage (58).

When the 58-year-old came home, the older one pulled the trigger in the garage. The man was presumably dead immediately. The alleged murderer then left the scene, ran into his garden and turned the gun on himself. He was also dead immediately.

The alleged perpetrator’s wife found her husband’s body and called the police. The Kripo secured traces. Police spokesman Christian Schünemann confirmed: “According to the current state of the investigation, we are assuming an extended suicide.”

The investigation into the background is ongoing.

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According to BILD information, a man first killed another man and then himself. Police spokesman Christian Schünemann indicated that it was an extended suicide.

Wife has discovered husband (69) in the garden. Neighbor dead in the garage. Neighborhood quarrel between the two. 58 shot neighbors at home, 69 killed themselves


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