Saxony is planning the 2G option: hosts should decide whether unvaccinated people are allowed in


Dresden – Saxony wants to follow the example of Hamburg and Saxony-Anhalt and incorporate a so-called 2G option in the new Corona Protection Ordinance (to come into force on September 23).

The state government delegates the decision of who is allowed to the pub, concert or disco – at least in part – to private organizers and hosts.

If they only allow vaccinated and convalescents (so-called 2G rule) to concerts, parties, festivals, sporting events and also in restaurants, they could practically dispense with all corona protective measures (such as distances or masks). Condition: Unvaccinated people – even if they have recently tested negative – are no longer allowed in.

The regulation – which, by the way, also applies to the staff – is to apply from September 23, regardless of incidence and hospital occupancy, for events with up to 5000 guests.

Additional factors are also new for the so-called advance warning and overload level. In order to declare these and thus additional restrictions, hospital admissions per 100,000 inhabitants will also count in future – 7 people for the early warning level, 12 out of 100,000 for the overload level.


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