Saxony: First coalition politicians against increasing diets

Dresden – By almost 300 euros – from 5943.50 to 6237 euros per month – the diets of Saxony’s state parliament members are expected to increase from November. The law on representatives is to be changed in May.

BILD reported that resistance was forming. So far, more than 6000 Saxons have signed a protest petition.

Now the first coalition politicians are moving away from the project. After Sabine Friedel (47) – parliamentary manager of the SPD parliamentary group – announced that she could imagine a zero round in the diets, the group leader of the Greens, Franziska Schubert (38), also moved away from the project. “You will have to talk about it,” she said to BILD.

A compromise, which is currently being discussed in the background, now provides for the diet increase to be suspended again, but funds for parliamentary group work to be increased. A point that is not insignificant, especially for the ability of the smaller parliamentary groups of the SPD and Greens to work. Because the grants are based on the size of the parliamentary group.

Whether the Union will accept it will be decided on Wednesday in the CDU parliamentary group meeting. In any case, the signs of this are increasing. “The majority for a diet increase is no longer certain,” it said from parliamentary groups.


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