Saxony-Anhalt: Fired lottery boss wants 380,000 euros

Magdeburg – Now the fired lottery boss takes her luck into her own hands. In court, she is fighting for a lot of money with her former employer. Your chances are not bad …

In September 2020, Lotto managing director Maren Sieb (47) was dismissed without notice. Allegations of nepotism, money laundering and dubious big bets were in the room.

However, the reasons given are apparently not sufficient for a termination without notice. Therefore Sieb is suing for lost salary claims. She wants 80,000 euros by May 2021 alone.

The presiding judge Inka Semmler (53) stated in the quality hearing: “In the opinion of the Chamber, you have a good hand with this demand.”

For the entire term of her contract (until September 30, 2022), the ex-boss from the country wants around 300,000 euros with agreed bonus payments.

On Tuesday, the representatives of the Ministry of Finance agreed with the plaintiff to reach an “amicable settlement”. A decision will be announced in mid-October.


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