Save your documents and notes on WhatsApp, know how to create a personal diary on WhatsApp

Nowadays, other things have disappeared from people’s lives due to the increasing use of smartphones. Nowadays everything from studying to shopping is being done through internet and phone. In such a situation, we have to write something or make some kind of notes, we either create them in the notes given in the phone or share them on WhatsApp. There are many times when we make a list and share it to someone. Apart from this, from office to personal work we also share on WhatsApp, but doing so often confuses people. So today we are telling you the trick of WhatsApp’s big work, you can use it to save important work or document. You can easily make a personal diary or notes on WhatsApp. Know what you need to do to make a personal diary on WhatsApp.

How to create a personal diary on WhatsApp
1 For this, you have to create a new group on your WhatsApp.
2 To create a group, click on the three dots in the right side at the top of WhatsApp. Here you will get an option to create a new group.
While creating 3 groups, you should add one of your family members or friends to it.
4 You can name this group as ‘Draft’, ‘Diary’ or anything else.
5 Now you and the other person you have added to this group will be included.
6 If you want, you can remove the other member from the group. Even after this, the group will remain and you will be the only member in it.
7 Anything you want to note here, you can do in this group.
8 No one will be able to see your message, nor will you disturb anyone with your message or documents.
9 You can use this group as a personal diary. You can save message, list or any notes here.
10 You can also send office or any personal document in this group.


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