Sarah Everard († 33): London policeman faked control – and kidnapped her

The case caused grief and anger worldwide: Sarah Everard (33) was kidnapped, raped and killed by a friend in London on the way home. The confessed perpetrator is a police officer. Shocking details are now coming to light in the process.

The unbelievable: Killer police officer Wayne Couzens (48) staged an arrest to rape and kill the Londoner, according to the prosecution.

In March, Couzens acted as if he were controlling Everard for a violation of the Corona rules at the time, said prosecutor Tom Little on Wednesday before the Old Bailey Criminal Court in London.

There are as yet unknown details with which the prosecutor in the high-profile case is making serious allegations against the confessing man.

Wayne Couzens, 48, is married with two childrenPhoto: Shutterstock

Flashback: London, March 3, 2021. Sarah Everard is walking home from a friend when she disappears. Nationwide, the sympathy is tremendous, a large search campaign starts.

Days later, Everard’s body was found in a wooded area in Kent in southeast England. Around the same time, it was revealed that a member of the London Police Department was an urgent suspect.

Sarah Everard's body was found in this forest

Sarah Everard’s body was found in this forestPhoto: Gareth Fuller / dpa

Prosecutor Little is certain that the accused – married, two children – stopped the young woman and introduced himself as a police officer.

The fact that Everard was on her way back from dinner during the relatively strict corona lockdown increased the likelihood that she saw a violation of corona restrictions, the prosecutor said.

Because he had previously participated in corona patrols, the police officer knew how to address suspected rule breakers.

The sea of ​​flowers shows how huge the sympathy of the Londoners was in March after the fact

The sea of ​​flowers shows how huge the sympathy of the Londoners was in March after the factPhoto: Yui Mok / dpa

In March England it was not allowed to visit one another at home. The killer policeman had handcuffed Everard and then drove to Kent in a rental car. There he raped the young woman and strangled her with his belt.

In court, Little minutely traced how the policeman presumably prepared for the crime and how he tried to cover his tracks over the following days. How the 48-year-old got gasoline to burn the corpse, bought garbage bags to dispose of Everard’s cell phone, drove to the crime scene again and again – and spent time with his family a few days later in the immediate vicinity: everything supported by camera Recordings and cell monitoring. It becomes clear that Sarah Everard was a random victim.

The policeman tried a cheap excuse

1800 hours of images had been evaluated, Little reported. The investigators also tracked down the policeman through surveillance images – a bus camera recorded the moment he stopped Everard. The suspect car was a rental car for which the defendant used his name and contact details.

In this courtroom sketch, killer cop Wayne Couzens (48, second from right) appears in the dock at the Old Bailey

In this courtroom sketch, killer cop Wayne Couzens (48, second from right) appears in the dock at the Old BaileyPhoto: Elizabeth Cook / dpa

The policeman quickly admitted that he had kidnapped the young woman. But he only did this because he was forced by a gang of Eastern European criminals, he said. He owed them to them, they threatened his family. The excuse soon broke down.

Life imprisonment expected

On Thursday, the 48-year-old will most likely be sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

It is the legal culmination of a case that has kept the country in suspense. The murder of Sarah Everard caused anger and horror nationwide, and a new debate about violence against women began.

Duchess Kate (39) publicly laid flowers. The hashtag “shewasjustwalkinghome” – she just went home – has become the catchphrase for numerous reports of harassment and sexual assault.

The London police chief Cressida Dick (60) came under pressure because her emergency services forcibly dissolved a vigil of hundreds of women for Everard with reference to Corona rules.

London Mayor calls women murders an “epidemic”

But not much has changed. Another murder of a young woman in London is currently causing horror across the country: Sabina Nessa (28) disappeared on the short way from her apartment to a pub, her body was found the next day, a 36-year-old is now charged.

Dozens of women have been allegedly killed by men in Britain since the murder of Sarah Everard. London Mayor Sadiq Khan (50) spoke of an “epidemic”.


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