SAO UFC practiced with gun reloading, helicopters shoot animals causing outrage

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 1:05 pm (GMT + 7)

(Martial arts news) UFC fighter Jon Jones caused many dissatisfied reactions because he brought guns to shoot animals.

Jon Jones practices with guns and goes wild boar hunting:

Jon Jones is preparing to return to the UFC ring and immediately this American boxer does not give up the opportunity to continue the habit of “shocking the community”. Jones recently posted a photo of himself training in the gym in a soldier outfit, even with a gun loaded.

Jon Jones prepares to return to the UFC by training in a special soldier outfit and gun

The former UFC lightweight champion dropped the title in early 2020 due to a money dispute with the company, however Jones has now vowed to return and aims to reclaim his old championship belt from the champion. Stipe Miocic. Jones’ preparation does not take place like a normal fighter, but looks like a special soldier.

Jones posted a clip on Instagram performing movements on the bar with a gun hanging in front of his chest, even showing viewers the gun loaded. Earlier, Jones also posted another clip showing him practicing in the dark in the desert, even wearing soldier clothes, carrying guns and shooting like he was doing a real battle.

Everything will not be worth mentioning because viewers can only judge that Jones is trying a different experience, in addition he also posted funny dance clips with other UFC boxers. However, Jones’s passion for guns continues to be shown through another clip, recording Jones riding a helicopter and using a gun to shoot wild boars.

SAO UFC practice with guns loaded, helicopters shoot animals indignation - 3

Jon Jones is in a helicopter to shoot the boar

The clip has caused a lot of negative reactions from users of social networks, claiming that Jones has no love for animals and goes to a helicopter to hunt but dare not set foot on the ground and close to his target. Jones replied with an “sorry” that made many people uncomfortable watching the clip, but at the same time scoffed that “I bet half of you here or eat pork every week”.

Talking about Jon Jones is referring to the scandal when this martial artist was banned from playing due to doping, as well as arrested by the police 6 years ago because it was involved in a gunfight. Jones is known for being a gun enthusiast, even playing close to some officers from the US Army Special Forces (Delta Force).

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