Sao received a salary of 300 million USD, surpassing Ronaldo – Messi, but is it the best player?

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 00:03 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) Baseball star Manny Machado is enjoying baseball’s second-largest contract, with a salary and contract term that Messi and Ronaldo may also be jealous of.

In 2019, the San Diego Padres club took an extremely formidable step in the American baseball industry when signing a 10-year contract with a total salary of $ 300 million to recruit star Manny Machado. They had a few young talents before they were brought back to Machado, who was four times voted into the all-star roster (two teams from each East-West) of the MLB professional tournament.

Manny Machado

Machado finally had a bad 2019 year, his performance has dropped significantly, even though it hasn’t been catastrophic. By the year 2020, though, Machedo has shown that he deserves the money Padres invested when he achieved the best defense rate in his career, as well as won the “Silver Stick” for the first time with 16 home shots- Shaky scores (hit the ball off the field).

Thanks to that performance, Machado was ranked 3rd on the list of the best player of the season, and he was selected in the MLB’s most representative team. Padres won a play-off ticket and only stopped in a series of semi-finals against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the team subsequently crowned the championship.

The future of Padres Club is even brighter when they now have in the hands of another excellent player, Fernando Tatis Jr. A Dominican like Machado, Tatis is only 22 years old, but the last 2020 season has played extremely well, even ranked right behind Machado in the vote for the best player. Tatis enjoys a salary of just over $ 600,000 / year because as a young player, he must after 3-4 seasons to be able to make money as much as Machado.

Machado owns the second largest contract in American baseball history, but his $ 300 million over 10 years was the biggest before losing two weeks later by $ 330 million in 13 years. by Bryce Harper of the Philadelphia Phillies team.

Currently the most expensive contract in American sports history belongs to the $ 503 million in 12 years by Kansas City Chiefs football player Patrick Mahomes.

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