Sailing ship slacks on test drive – “Gorch Fock” towed away!

The embarrassing test drive ended a day earlier than expected.

The refurbished naval training ship “Gorch Fock” arrived in Wilhelmshaven on Wednesday evening. Two tugs accompanied the tall ship into the harbor. Actually, the ship should not return from its test drive until a day later …

The “Gorch Fock” left the Lürssen shipyard in Bremen on Wednesday morning and went back on its own for the first time in almost six years.

Incredible: After a long series of bankruptcies, bad luck and breakdowns, there is a defect in the engine shortly after the start. The tugs take over, the crew wants to replace a defective fresh water valve on the way to the North Sea. However, it turns out that the damage cannot be repaired while driving.

So now the premature end in Wilhelmshaven!

The defective component is now to be replaced as part of the already planned final equipment at the naval arsenal, announced the Lürssen shipyard.

A spokesman emphasized that test drives are there to determine precisely such defects: “Shipyard test drives like the one today are used to test the technology and the necessary interaction of individual on-board components under real conditions, to localize the causes of errors and to correct them afterwards.”

The Lürssen shipyard had been the second shipyard to build on the “Gorch Fock” since autumn 2019. The previous contractor, Elsflether Werft, had filed for bankruptcy. They were responsible for the enormous cost jumps that drove the price for the general overhaul from the originally planned 10 million euros to 135 million euros.


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