Sad record number on Wednesday – 42 new corona deaths in Lower Saxony

Hanover – Sad news!

On Wednesday, Lower Saxony reported a record number of 42 new corona deaths within one day. This is the highest daily value so far since the beginning of the pandemic.

There shouldn’t be a hard lockdown for the time being. Nevertheless, Health Minister Carola Reimann (SPD) is already expecting severe restrictions in the coming months: “I myself assume that contact reduction is the winter mode for the coming months.” The National Science Academy Leopoldina already had a drastic tightening of the corona restrictions on Tuesday required.

The previous maximum number of current corona deaths was reached on November 25 with 34 deaths. A total of 1338 people died of the virus in Lower Saxony, as the Ministry of Health announced.

The number of new infections detected rose by 1,011 cases nationwide on Wednesday. The incidence value is thus 84.3. The infection rate in Lower Saxony continues to stagnate.

“The seven-day incidence must be below 50 so that the chains of infection can be tracked again,” said Minister Reimann.

Opposition allegations that there is no clear course in dealing with the corona epidemic, Reimann rejected. “We learn as we move forward and therefore keep adjusting our measures, our steps and thus the rules for dealing with the virus and with each other.”

Prime Minister Stephan Weil announced on Tuesday evening that a “hard lockdown” was currently not in sight for Lower Saxony. For the time being, Lower Saxony will assess the situation again on December 20 before the change to the Corona regulation.


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