Saarland model: Mr. MP Hans, when will the decision be made?

Saarbruecken – Is the coronavirus playing along or is it spoiling Easter for us?

The planned start of the Saarland model on April 6 is shaky after the number of infections has risen. So far, however, it has not been called off.

One thing is certain: the opening steps in gastronomy, sport and culture only happen if the 7-day incidence is stable at less than 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

But when will the decision be made?

BILD demand on Wednesday in the State Chancellery. Government spokesman Alexander Zeyer: “The state government advises and decides on this based on currently available data. We will inform the public about this in good time. “

The number-shaking game: In the Neunkirchen district, the incidence value on Wednesday was 137.1, well above the 100 mark. Saarlouis with 96.4 and the Regionalverband Saarbrücken with 92.9 just scratched it. However, the Saarland average should be used as a basis (most recently 89.9).

The euphoria is therefore limited: According to the German Hotel and Restaurant Association, 30% of the innkeepers would open their outdoor catering next week if the Saarland model really starts and the weather cooperates.

Juso state chairman Kira Braun (25) calls for a quick reaction from the MP: “Every further day of planning uncertainty causes immense economic damage.” The Saarlanders’ trust should not be lost by raising hopes that ultimately cannot be kept “.

According to BILD information, the Council of Ministers will meet on Thursday evening on how to proceed.

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Source: BILD



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