Saarbrücken: Process: Butcher used the knife several times

Saarbrücken – He took their grandpa († 73) from two small children and cut his throat with a knife. But Efisio M. (58) is sitting in the dock with stoic calm when the coroner shows the terrible photos from the crime scene.

The relatives have previously left the hall. Only the photos of the grandchildren, which the son (37) put on the table as a co-plaintiff, are silent witnesses.

The son of the victim put a photo of his father, showing him with his granddaughter, in the courtroom

Photo: Repro: Ralph Stanger

There are images of horror: The 73-year-old is covered in blood in front of the window of his small kitchen. Only the strap of his oxygen device, which he needed because of a lung disease, does not allow him to tip completely forward. He got tangled up on a handle on the kitchen equipment …

The native Italian already stood before the Saarbrücken regional court on the first day of the trial. Only how it came to the slaughter in a Dudweiler apartment block in July 2020, he does not want to remember (BILD reported).

According to previous investigations, the 73-year-old wanted to alert the police when M. attacked him with a kitchen knife. According to the expert, the victim held the phone with his right hand and still tried to fend off the knife attack with his left hand. Typical defensive injuries testified to this.

But the accused was physically clearly superior to the old man! Probably from behind he made several fatal cuts.

Teaser picture

The court chaired by Judge Andreas Lauer

Photo: Andreas Schlichter

The cut on the neck, which later had to be treated by M., apparently afterwards inflicted himself in his apartment. At least the expert assumes this based on the traces of blood found.

The butcher (most recently unemployed), who was already in jail for severe predatory extortion, is now facing a long prison sentence for manslaughter.

The verdict could come on February 16.


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