Russian athletes expose Olympic scandals, complaining about lack of TV and refrigerator in the room

Thursday, July 22, 2021 19:07 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, Olympic news) An athlete described the lack of accommodation in the Olympic village as “medieval”.

The meeting of the International Olympic Committee took place in Tokyo on July 20, President of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Organizing Committee Seiko Hashimoto and Secretary General Toshiro Muto listened and answered questions related to facilities. Olympic.

Russian athletes " unmasked"  Olympic, complaining about the lack of television in the room - refrigerator - 1

Beds against “sex” and other things are issues that athletes bring to talk at the Olympic village

They received a lot of complaints from the Russian media and athletes. Athletes from Russia say that their rooms in the athletes’ village have no refrigerators, televisions and lack of toilets, “it’s like medieval times”, one athlete said.

In addition to the lack of facilities at the Olympic village, there are discussions about anti-sex beds, or the resignation of Tokyo Olympic Music Director Keigo Oyamada because of inappropriate jobs. in the past, including the scandal he bullied a schoolmate with a disability; The story of a Ugandan athlete running away… has been the subject of a ruckus in Tokyo during the past few days.

Before the complaint of the Russian athlete, Ms. Hashimoto pledged: “We want to provide the most comfortable experience possible for the athletes. The problem of refrigerators and televisions will be resolved quickly. First, the Russian sports team, We look forward to checking out their accommodation.”

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, it is very difficult for Japan to host the Olympics, so let’s look at the positive things that the host country has done.

At Olympic Village, there is a canteen with a capacity of 45,000 meals a day that will serve dishes from Europe, Asia,… to vegetarian, Muslim and gluten-free dishes, fully satisfying. diverse dietary needs of athletes from many different countries.

In addition, there is also a Gym, an entertainment area equipped with 5G connectivity and a medical center operating 24/7 to test for Covid-19 and treat athletes in case of mild infection. The lack of televisions and refrigerators in the Olympic village is somewhat confusing, but the host country can completely overcome this before the opening day of July 23.


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