Rushed to sea after a party? ++ Wreckage of the accident discovered on the edge of the river – police divers find a sunken car with five bodies

Was it the terrible end to a party?

In a lake on the French Mediterranean coast, police divers discovered a sunken car with five bodies on Wednesday. This is probably a group of young people who have been missing since the day before, reported the broadcaster “Franceinfo” on Wednesday.

After searching for the white Seat Ibzia on the banks of Lake Dramont in Saint-Raphaël (Var department) after debris was discovered on the bank. The investigators assumed an accident.

Then at noon the terrible certainty: They discovered the car and five corpses in it. In m

“We’re trying to identify them, the bodies are still in the car,” said a prosecutor’s spokesman. “It could be the youngsters reported missing by their parents after a party, but this has yet to be confirmed by formal identification.”

The investigators assume an accident.

The gendarmerie discovered the bodies of five people in their twenties on the morning of Wednesday 18 August aboard a vehicle that had crashed into the Dramont lake in Saint-Raphaël (Var), a police source told France Télévisions. The investigators favor the hypothesis of an accident.

The families of the victims sounded the alarm on Monday evening and the gendarmerie launched a search after debris was found on the edge of the lake. The diving teams ended the search on Wednesday after the bodies were discovered.

A medical and psychological department was set up.

We are trying to identify them, the bodies are currently being recovered from the vehicle, “said Draguignan prosecutor Patrice Camberou. It could be young people who were at a party and whose disappearance was reported by their parents on Tuesday evening, but only formal identification will allow us to confirm this hypothesis or not.

The Draguignan Public Prosecutor’s Office, in collaboration with the Municipality of Saint-Raphaël, the Sub-Prefecture of the Var and the Association in Support of Victims of Crime in the Var, has set up a medical-psychological department to look after the relatives of these people until they are officially identified.

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