Rush despite lockdown: Munich Airport expects 200,000 passengers

Munich / Nuremberg – In the middle of the corona pandemic, many people from Bavaria are flying south.

According to Munich Airport, more than 4000 flights have been registered for the holiday season from December 18 to January 10. “We expect around 200,000 passengers at the airport during the period,” said an airport spokesman.

Compared to the previous year, that is still little. Because in 2019 there were around 120,000 passengers in one day alone. In the shorter Christmas holidays of the previous year there were around 15,000 take-offs and landings in Munich – more than three times as many as this year.

Most of the flights are domestic German destinations. But there are also around 100 flights to the Canary Islands, around 50 flights to various destinations in the USA and around 60 flights to Asia, mainly to Abu Dhabi, Doha and Dubai. There are also flights to Cape Town in South Africa.

Passenger handling in Terminal 1 will also remain closed over Christmas. In addition, the following applies to Christmas vacationers: Anyone returning home from a risk area after the holidays must be in quarantine.

Terminal 1 in Munich will also remain closed over ChristmasPhoto: dpa

In total, Munich Airport expects that there were around 12 million passengers in 2020. Previously it was 48 million.

Nuremberg Airport also experienced similar break-ins. At the end of the Corona year 2020, fewer than one million passengers will have taken off and landed here. That is around a quarter of the passenger volume in 2019, when the second largest Bavarian airport still counted 4.1 million passengers, said airport spokesman Christian Albrecht.

This has a double economic effect for the airport company – the passengers also depend on the income from airport restaurants, the duty-free business and parking.

In contrast to cargo and ambulance flights, passenger flights in Nuremberg have almost come to a standstill for months. Only the Dutch airline KLM still serves the hub in Amsterdam with one flight per day.

Turkish Airlines flies to Turkey several days a week, mainly to give people of Turkish origin in Germany the opportunity to visit their home country.

At least for the two weeks before the turn of the year Albrecht is hoping for an increase to 25 flights per week from Nuremberg – especially for home vacationers in Eastern Europe.


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