Run over three girls on their way to school: residents mourn the children here

Witzenhausen (Hesse) – People fall into each other’s arms, fight with tears! They are heartbreaking moments of sadness.

About 150 residents came to the accident site in Witzenhausen (near Kassel) in the early evening, and they are silent. At the point where a little girl (8) lost her life at 8 a.m. on Friday morning and two other children were seriously injured.

A man (30) drove into a group of children near a daycare center.

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Three children hit by car Girl (8) dies after a horror accident

Source: Telenews Network

October 29, 2021

All day long, grieving people laid flowers at the scene of the accident. Lit candles. Provided cuddly toys. At 6 p.m. the bells of the neighboring church rang. Then a silent prayer, 20 minutes of contemplation.

The people are shocked. A place in shock.

Mayor Daniel Herz (37): “The events of this morning leave us speechless and stunned. Our thoughts are with the children, we wish the injured a speedy recovery and we grieve with the parents of the deceased girl. “

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About 150 residents came to the accident site in the late afternoon

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What happened?

In front of a daycare center in Witzenhausen, a car drove into a group of children at around 8 a.m. Three girls, ages seven and eight, were seriously injured. One girl (8) was able to be resuscitated on site, but died shortly afterwards in the clinic. Her twin brother had to watch the terrible accident on site.

A spokesman for the Werra-Meißner police department on BILD: “The small car has left the road to the right for an as yet unknown cause and driven onto the sidewalk. At that time there was a group of five students on their way to elementary school. From this group, three students were apparently hit directly by the car and were seriously injured as a result. “

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People lay flowers, light candles

Photo: Karsten Socher Photography /

The group had only 300 meters to go to school when the car crashed into them. A child was lying under the car and was rescued by several first aiders. Another child was thrown onto a wall.

Two rescue helicopters were in action. The police in Eschwege are currently assuming an accident.

The 30-year-old driver was also seriously injured in the impact and was taken to the hospital. Like the victims, the man lives in Witzenhausen.

An expert now clarifies the course of the accident. More children have noticed the misfortune. Pastors are on site.

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