Royals in Norway: Mette-Marit and Haakon mourn the victims of the bow killer

Kongsberg – Today, four days later, Norway mourns the victims of bow-and-arrow bomber Espen Andersen Bråthen (37) after the gruesome bloodshed by Kongsberg. Over 2000 guests gathered in Norway’s largest baroque church, including Crown Princess Mette-Marit (48) and Crown Prince Haakon (48).

Parish pastor Roar Tønnessen prayed psalms from the Revelation of St. John, accompanied by music and singing. The Crown Prince couple was extremely affected by the terrible assassination attempt with five dead, including a German. Deeply withdrawn, Haakon and Mette-Marit took a seat in the first bench of the church.

Mette-Marit and Haakon with the pastor of Kongsberg. A representative of the Islamic community also had a say at the ecumenical servicePhoto: danapress

Deeply hit: Mette-Marit and Haakon

Deeply hit: Mette-Marit and HaakonPhoto: danapress

It has been over ten years since they were last seen in deep mourning. On July 22, 2011, the right-wing killer Anders Breivik (42) killed a total of 77 people, including on the island of Utøya near Oslo. Princess Mette-Marit lost her stepbrother there, the policeman Trond Berntsen (51).

Today the couple heir to the throne, the citizens of Kongsberg and relatives of the victims gathered in silent mourning. At the end lights were put up for the dead. Mette-Marit and Haakon deliberately held back here.

It was reserved for representatives of the police, rescue teams and hospital staff to set up candles – for the dead, for the bereaved and the helpers.

Assassin could be mentally ill

Bow killer Espen Andersen Bråthen (37) has admitted to killing five people in downtown Kongsberg on Wednesday evening. The Norwegian police released the names of the four women and one man on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the investigators expressed increasing doubts about a terrorist-motivated act. There are indications that the suspect has not actually converted to Islam, said police inspector Thomas Omholt at a press conference three days after the bow and arrow attacks.

Instead, the suspicion of a mental illness was confirmed. Bråthen will be examined accordingly in the coming weeks.


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