Rosamunde gives everything – two more days of golden October and then …

Say goodbye to the beautiful October, now it’s getting dark! November is coming and will be wet and cloudy.

But don’t worry, at the end of the month October is really warming up again: Today and tomorrow up to 22 degrees are possible in Germany. The last weekend in October also remains sunny and beautiful.

After the sun comes the rain: that’s how wet November getsPhoto: imago / Ralph Peters

“The current very warm weather will certainly suit most people. But: It will be cooler next week. However, the maximum values ​​during the day then drop to normal values ​​for the time of year. The onset of winter all the way down is nowhere in sight, ”explains graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung, managing director of the weather service Q.met.

While Hoch Rosamunde in Germany ensures dry, partly sunny and very warm October weather until the weekend, Tief Leo takes over at the end of the month. For you this means: dress warmly, because it will get wet!

And so it goes on for the next few days

▶ ︎ The Friday runs warm at around 16 to 21 degrees. Because on Saturday and Sunday the last weekend of October shows itself from its most beautiful side with temperatures of up to 22 degrees. Only in the afternoon can there be clouds, rain and wind from the west.

▶ ︎ The Monday is, however, hardly recognizable: The temperatures drop to 10 to 16 degrees. The day will be cool with a mix of sun, clouds and showers.

▶ ︎ The one is similarly uncomfortable and mixed Tuesday with top values ​​of a maximum of 14 degrees.

▶ ︎ Also on Wednesday it doesn’t get really nicer. The temperatures drop to 7 to 12 degrees, it remains cloudy and sometimes rainy.


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