Roofs in the countryside of Quang Ngai

The storm passed, leaving houses with roof holes. With the cooperation of the strong sponsor, the mother and Mrs. Phuong, Nghia Dung commune, Quang Ngai are about to have a whole house back.

In addition to the roofing, the mother and daughter also have a plan to re-plaster the walls, repair the leaks, cracks, and repair some of the furniture destroyed by the storms.

Nearly a month since the storm No. 9 swept through the Central region, Quang Ngai city was the center of the storm, the lives of Ms. Phuong and Minh – her son have not returned to the same rhythm as before. Mr. Minh has returned to work, but Ms. Phuong stays at home because he still has no job and still looks after the house repair.

Thanks to the 20 million VND from Vietlott to support poor households in the heart of the storm, the mother and daughter of Phuong had the money to repair the house. “For two days, some workers asked for leave, so they don’t know when they are finished”, Mr. Minh shared. He described, the house of the mother and daughter was tiny, only one kitchen, two rooms for sleeping but was broken up by the storm, so it was relatively long to overcome.

Ms. Phuong and her house were barren after the storm. Image: HA

In Ms. Phuong’s memory, the dreadful storm number 9 was still intact. That day, not assured when his mother was at home, Mr. Minh from work kept calling and asking to go back to fight the storm. Afraid of your children in danger, she told her not to go out on the street. In front of the house, immense whole country. Rain all day October 28. Alone the old mother packed herself up, ran floods. At 10:00 am, water spills over the knees. She barely covered the altar of her ancestors, picked up a pot of rice and a jar of salt, and sat down on the bed.

Old banana tree, three-legged wooden table was beaten by waves. The television that Mr. Minh bought from the dealer for bottles for 20,000 VND was old and damaged, and was also full of rain and wind.

At 12 noon, strong winds whistled again. After a while, a rumbling sound was heard, then rock and bricks collapsed straight to the ground. Ms. Phuong shouted, holding her head down to the bed to bear the battle. The first time she saw the house collapsed right in front of her eyes, she closed her eyes, her mouth ceaselessly bowing to God to keep her life.

After a while, the entire kitchen, the warehouse were collapsed, the cement wall cracked. A 20-year concrete house lost half in just 30 minutes.

As a poor household in Nghia Dung commune (Quang Ngai province), family is in the group most severely damaged by digital storms. This year 68 years old, Ms. Phuong is still working day by day to mow the grass to hire, plow the fields to hire. The only son is now in his 30s, but he cannot do much because he suffers from leg pain, so he is slow to do heavy work.

The Vietnam Lottery Company (under Vietlott) and the People's Committee of Nghia Dung commune presented gifts to help locals repair their homes after the storm.  Photo: HA

The Vietnam Lottery Company (under Vietlott) and the People’s Committee of Nghia Dung commune presented gifts to help locals repair their homes after the storm. Image: Vietlott.

To support the family through the floods and storms, on November 12, the Vietnam Lottery Company (Vietlott), through the Quang Ngai City Fatherland Front Committee visited, and provided money to repair houses for Ms. Phuong and other households with heavy losses in the area.

Mr. Bui Nhat Minh, Vice Chairman of Nghia Dung Commune People’s Committee estimated that the whole Nghia Dung commune had a loss of about 15 billion VND during the storm No. 9. Many houses collapsed, their roofs blown up, people had no place to live.

“When we receive the support money to rebuild houses for 5 poor and near poor households, we are very happy. This is a noble and timely gesture to help people to overcome difficulties and stabilize their lives soon. “, Mr. Bui Nhat Minh shared.

In addition to Nghia Dung commune, Vietlott also sponsored the construction of 10 more houses in Quang Ngai city, all of which were houses of poor households, damaged, and roofed up due to typhoon No. 9.

Losing a house will make life difficult for people after the storm. “This is the time when households are in desperate need of sharing and assistance. Where people need help, Vietlott is always ready, to bring a better life for people. It is part of the responsibility. , the obligation that Vietlott wants to contribute to the community “, said Nguyen Duy Hien, director of Vietlott Khanh Hoa branch.

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