Ronas (11) experienced the flood disaster: “That was the worst night of my life”

The great rain is over. The violent storms have withdrawn. But the ruins remain. And people now live in this chaos.

BILD reporter Jonathan Anda is in debt. This place was particularly hard hit by the flood disaster. Here he met the Topalca family. For the eleven-year-old Ronas in particular, the flood was a trauma.

“The wave came quickly. It was hell. Can’t be put into words. In any case, we saw it. Don’t have a home now. It was the worst night of my life, ”says Ronas to the BILD reporter at BILDLive.

The boy describes his impressions of the flood night in a few words. Ronas: “Water, more and more water, broken house. I saw death. That the water keeps rising and I will drown. “

The small Eifel town of Schuld was hit particularly hard.

The village with around 700 inhabitants – near the state border with North Rhine-Westphalia – lies in a loop on the Ahr, which is usually a small river. Now the Ahr had turned into a raging body of water.

Pictures show the violence with which the water has flooded the villages and towns: cars, trees, houses away, rubble piled up in the dirty water, bridges have collapsed.

“The extent cannot yet be estimated,” said the spokeswoman for the Rhineland-Palatinate Mobility Office (LBM) on Tuesday in Koblenz. Experts have been busy recording the damage since Monday. “It’s our turn, but we don’t yet have a list of what is broken.”


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