Ronaldo broke his arm in the UFC martial arts floor: The 18-year single move was learned by his opponent

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 00:02 AM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) 18 years since entering the MMA mixed martial arts arena, boxer Ronaldo (Brazil) has been beaten like that by his opponent.

Video Ronaldo broke his arm in the UFC 262 arena:

Ronaldo Souza, 41, is considered one of Brazil’s most veteran MMA fighters. The puncher is nicknamed “Crocodile” because he often has melancholy ground battles. Most of the boxers with a knack for lying down have a basic Brazilian JiuJitsu (BJJ), a martial art in which players will use the skills of kicking, squeezing, locking… to defeat their opponents.

Ronaldo (right) broke his arm after the opponent’s lock

The beauty of BJJ is that it does not need to make the opponent scratch or bleed but still make them “surrender” immediately. Talking about BJJ, Ronaldo is considered a master of martial arts. He came to martial arts at the age of 17 but quickly proved his ability with his first Brazilian BJJ championship at the age of 20, then he had 7 more Brazilian BJJ championships in a number of different weight classes.

With a solid foundation from BJJ, Ronaldo confidently registered to compete in MMA. On September 9, 2003 the Brazilian “Crocodile” played his first match at Jungle Fight 1, where he lost to Jorge “Macaco” Patino by knockout in the 3rd minute of the first round.

Everything “started hard”, Ronaldo overcame the first defeat to have his first victory in MMA against Victor Babkir at the Jungle Fight 2 event. This victory is an important stepping stone for Ronaldo to officially set his foot on the step. Enter the world of MMA, ready to challenge the most talented fighters.

Ronaldo broke his arm in the UFC martial arts floor: "Single move"  18 years of being cheated by the opponent & # 34;  - 3

“Crocodile” Ronaldo has a knack for fighting in the field

After Jungle Fight, the Brazilian boxer continued to register for other events such as Gracie Fighting Championships, Amazon Challenge, Hero’s The Jungle, Dream and most successfully at Strikeforce, where he won the world belt in middleweight.

His excellent performance at Strikeforce helped him get signed by the UFC, where “Crocodile” did not win the championship belt, but Ronaldo went through a historic journey. “Crocodile” won 9 out of 16 UFC fights, of which starting with 5 wins and 5/9 wins was voted by UFC as “performance of the night”.

Unfortunately, due to age, Ronaldo has not been able to maintain his original form, he has lost the last 4 matches in a row. In the competition with Andre Muniz on May 16 at UFC 262 in the US, Ronaldo was beaten by his opponent with BJJ’s “killer move”.

According to martial arts site, Bloodyelbow, Ronaldo’s name no longer appears on the UFC martial arts rankings, it was announced that it was the last fight of this fighter, because the contract he signed with the UFC has expired. term.

Ronaldo broke his arm in the UFC martial arts floor: "Single move"  18 years of being cheated by the opponent & # 34;  - 4

Ronaldo has defeated many opponents in this way and now he can retire because of his forte “killer move”.

41 years old with a broken arm injury, it is difficult for Ronaldo to return to the peak of MMA. Ronaldo’s career is sublimated with the “killing moves” (knock, lock, squeeze) of BJJ, but maybe his career is also closed by this martial art.

Andre Muniz, the opponent who just broke Ronaldo’s arm, is also a puncher from Brazil. The boxer nicknamed “Sergipano” has long considered “Crocodile” Ronaldo as a model to learn and develop his career. Andre’s field battles have great “damage”, it’s reminiscent of Ronaldo.

Remember in 26 wins, Ronaldo has 14 victories with BJJ techniques and now he is in danger of retiring from his martial arts career with the same “killer move” that he once defeated 14 opponents.


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