Romanesque, resplendent, swirling: the cinema releases on September 8

One More Jump ***

By Emanuele Gerosa

Documentary, 1 h 22

The film, which won several awards in particular from Europa Prize 2020 for the best European documentary, follows a dozen young Palestinians for whom sport and parkour rhyme with the question of survival. Like a real ballet, the waterfalls follow one another. Sometimes a tool for taming a city of fire and blood, sometimes a vector of elevation in a daily life devoid of hope, parkour shines in breathtaking plans.

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Delicious ***

Eric Besnard

French film, 1 h 52

Éric Besnard recounts the birth of the first restaurant on the eve of the Revolution. Immersed in nature, over four seasons, the director works on the chiaroscuro of a magnificent, sensual and romantic story, against a backdrop of class conflict. On the threshold of a general changeover.

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♦ The Night of the Kings **

by Philippe Lacôte

Franco-Ivorian film, 1 h 33

A mind-blowing dive into the closed doors of the Abidjan prison, one of the most populous in Africa, which is a world in its own right with its unwritten laws and its prisoners roaming freely in the corridors. Cinema that is as much a theatrical performance as documentary realism.

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Black Box ***

by Yann Gozlan

French film, 2:09 a.m.

From the start in the Dubai-Paris flight, the film seduced by the intelligence and elegance of its staging. Passionate about the world of civil aviation and its mysterious black boxes, Yann Gozlan perfectly conveys his interest in this little-known professional environment and clearly exposes the economic and ethical issues of a sector that is shaking up the use of artificial intelligence. A thriller that keeps you going from start to finish.

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Hug me tight *

by Mathieu Amalric

French film, 1 h 37

The beautiful cast of this swirling and enigmatic family drama unfortunately does not save it from its pitfalls. Blame it on a deliberately fragmented plot, which ultimately stifles the poetic intention.

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