Robbery again in Leipzig’s Palmengarten – man seriously injured for sneakers

From: M. Kynast

Leipzig – Again there were two brutal robberies at night in the otherwise idyllic palm garden in Leipzig. The perpetrators came back as a group – and again the individual victims had no chance! They were even seriously injured for baseball cap and sneakers.

According to the police, the robbers had initially surrounded a 16-year-old around midnight. They shone a flashlight in his face, after which he had to hand over the baseball cap, drink and cigarettes to the young men.

All in all, it was only worth around 50 euros. Nevertheless, in the end, the perpetrators beat the teenager down! The young person was injured and later filed a complaint.

Just like only about two hours later a 20-year-old who was also wrestled, beaten and kicked to the ground by about seven young men. He was seriously injured and had to be taken to a hospital. In the end he was missing a bag, a phone, a watch and even his sneakers.

► The perpetrators escaped. Almost all of them were described as around 17 years old, with Eastern European appearance and dark clothing. One of the men had a dark skin color, another spoke German with an accent. The Kripo receives information on the telephone number 0341 966 4 6666.

Police have the party crowd in their sights

The perpetrators appeared on Tuesday among the celebrating young people

Photo: Silvio Buerger

It was not until Tuesday night that the police followed a group of teenagers who allegedly beat and robbed a 16-year-old boy in the palm garden. Noticeable: In this case too, the victim’s shoes were stolen from their feet! However, the perpetrators managed to go into hiding in a party of around 100 young people between Sachsenbrücke and Jahnallee.

“We have seen an increase in robbery offenses in the area,” a police spokesman confirmed to BILD. Previously, there had been repeated attacks on the nearby Sachsenbrücke in Clara-Zetkin-Park. Since the police and the public order office have appeared there more often, it has become quiet.

Apparently, however, crime has only shifted. They said they wanted to send strips to the palm garden more often.

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