Robbed of the wrong MMA champion was beaten to death, glad the police came

Friday, May 21, 2021 13:15 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Usually robbers are considered “to the number” if they encounter the police, but this time the robber just wanted the authorities to come and arrest him.

Video of robber being defeated by MMA champion

Derrick Lewis, 36 years old, 1m91 tall and weighs 119kg is an opponent that the top heavyweights in the UFC are also fed up with, but a small bandit dares to dare to clash. “Having eyes but not seeing Mount Thai Son”, the young man tried to steal the car of “Black Beast” and suffered the consequences of his life.

Robber was beaten to death (white ice man) for touching the most dangerous UFC fighter (right)

When he discovered that the robber was trying to break into the car, the 36-year-old boxer quickly rushed forward to throw a punch like a habit that he had repeatedly knocked out of MMA fighters. Receiving a blow from the sky, the robber fell to the street in shock, at which point Lewis approached to give the robber a few more punches.

Usually robbers are considered “numbered” if caught by the police force, but perhaps the young man never looked forward to seeing the police so much. Pressed by a 119 kg boxer to control him, sometimes adding a few punches and slaps, the robber was as happy as “catching gold” when the police arrived.

When he was escorted to the police headquarters, the robber was covered with wounds but his face was strangely relieved, as if “it is better to be caught than to suffer that big guy”.

Houston Police Department officer Jodi Silva said: “Lewis overpowered the suspect, the robber was beaten and pinned to the ground until we arrived.”

Lewis later posted on Instagram a video of the robbery, gloating: “He tried to steal my car… , he’s probably “fine” now.

Lewis (36 years old) used to be the world champion when he attended the MMA Legacy FC arena, the black “Beast” switched to compete in the UFC since 2014, spent 21 matches with 16 wins, 5 losses. Throughout his career, the 36-year-old boxer has gone through 33 matches with 25 wins, 7 losses and 1 draw.

It is expected that by the end of this year, boxer Lewis will have a UFC heavyweight title match, he previously competed for this title but lost to Daniel Cormier in 2018. Currently the most prestigious UFC title belongs to Francis Ngannou, hand punch the Cameroonian.


The boxer

(Sports news, martial arts news) The “Last Pirate” puncher looked helplessly at his opponent holding the prestigious belt.


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