Rip-offs take advantage of hardship: Hesse’s prostitutes are doing so badly

Wiesbaden – The corona pandemic is still not under control, the brothels have been closed for more than a year for fear of infection.

For the prostitutes this means not only the loss of livelihoods – many of them are heavily in debt, according to politics!

This goes back to a response from the Ministry of Social Affairs to an FDP request in the state parliament. According to this, specialist counseling centers have described the prostitute’s situation as precarious. The need for advice increased significantly at the beginning of the pandemic. Topics: existential emergencies, applying for social benefits, psychosocial advice and protection against infection.

Rip-offs take advantage of the emergency situation

The government is concerned that prostitution is still going on outside of brothels or clubs.

There is a risk that “dubious customers and pimps will take advantage of the prostitutes’ current existential needs and impose their conditions on them unhindered, for example by negotiating lower prices or demanding sexual practices that the prostitutes would not engage in under normal circumstances. “

Because of the corona crisis Puff now sells canned sausage

Source: BILD

May 16, 2020

Nevertheless, the brothels should remain tight: “There is still a particularly high risk of infection, which is increased with the sexual service.” The association “Dona Carmen”, which advocates sex workers in Frankfurt’s train station district, demands in a petition to the Hessian state parliament the reopening of the brothels.

Mask requirement and guest book Frankfurt’s brothels want to reopen

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Source: BILD



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