Rip-off affair! Did Osterburg even bill for tickets?

Hamburg – The rip-off allegations against Michael Osterburg (53), ex-leader of the Greens in the Mitte district, weigh heavily – and they are becoming more and more drastic.

The public prosecutor’s office has been investigating Osterburg for alleged embezzlement since May. It’s about 67,900 euros that are missing from the parliamentary group’s coffers. The complete accounting from 2014 to 2019 is checked.

Now there are increasing indications of how bold he should have proceeded.

According to BILD information, the public prosecutor’s office has documents that prove that Osterburg is even supposed to have settled the tickets that he collected for incorrect parking.

The family life of Osterburg, who was temporarily in a relationship with Justice Senator Anna Gallina (37, two children) and has another child with her, is also the subject of the investigation. He is also said to have billed receipts for childcare costs (12 euros / hour) and, specifically, in at least 40 cases, demanded money that he is not entitled to – and in some cases offset himself by several hundred euros in his favor. In addition, he is said to have purchased and accounted for game consoles (Playstation) for Gallina’s children.

State security is currently checking hundreds of invoices, around 90 of which are said to come from restaurant visits. Still, many questions remain, e.g. B. after the majority of the tax money that has disappeared remains open.

► How did the process go unnoticed for so long? Completely a mystery!

Typically, district parliamentary spending is monitored by two internal auditors and one external auditor. The internal auditors are appointed by the parliamentary group.

Osterburg’s successors in office Manuel Muja and Henrike Wehrkamp refused to name the examiners for the period in question when asked by BILD and referred to the ongoing investigations. The rules of procedure, which show how the nomination is regulated, were only made available by the double leadership of the party, who are otherwise so concerned with transparency, only after repeated request.

Were there any complaints? Yes! However, only in the summer of 2019, after the takeover by the new group leader. It was she who brought charges against Osterburg.

► What’s next? The Citizenship Chancellery regularly produces a report on the expenditure of all district groups in the previous year. This also includes the last, so far missing documents of the Greens parliamentary group in mid-2019, the law firm said on request from BILD. One therefore goes (…) “from a publication in October”.

Osterburg did not respond to a BILD request.

Gallina is silent on the committee

The great silence of Justice Senator Anna Gallina (37, Greens) on the embezzlement allegations against Michael Osterburg (53) continues!

On Thursday, the topic reached the citizenship judicial committee: The parliamentary groups of CDU and AfD made applications for “self-examination”. Gallina would have had to answer questions from the committee about the extent to which she herself was involved in the infidelity scandal of her former partner in Osterburg.

A number of questions that arise. The Senator of Justice has refused to make a public statement on the subject for months.

In the committee there was backing for Gallina from the SPD: The SPD rejected the “self-concern”, together with the left and Gallina’s own party, the Greens.


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