Rich Canadian wants to pay more taxes in the name of social justice

“Make us pay more taxes!” “ This is the appeal launched by Sylvie Trottier for the attention of Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. This wealthy young woman is part of the Resources in motion group, made up of wealthy Canadians who are calling for more redistribution of wealth, and who seek to support “ social justice movements that have been working in the field for a long time ”.

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The young woman, from a family that became millionaire thanks to the creation of the computer company Matrox, now works for the Trottier Philanthropic Foundation. “But philanthropy is not enough” to fight against inequalities, she warns.

“We know that there are very rich, ultra-rich people who give nothing. So we need systemic solutions, in order to target the wealth of these few people who are at the top. “

Watch her testimony in video:

To give the measure of inequalities, Sylvie Trottier explains to “Obs” that in Canada, the richest 1% alone own a quarter of the country’s wealth. And on the other side of the social scale, the poorest half of the population shares only 5% of the total wealth.

However, “We would all benefit from a more equitable society », Says the Canadian, who gives this example:

With the coronavirus, we see that essential workers, who are the most vulnerable, bear a greater burden. And that impacts everyone.These employees were “essential” during the confinement. They will be made redundant this summer

How to act? With her group, Sylvie Trottier campaigns in particular for the establishment in Canada of a wealth tax, as well as an inheritance tax that would affect the richest. She specifies:

“We are not talking about taxes that would change the lives of these people [concernées par ces nouveaux impôts, NDLR]. We don’t want them to move to a cabin in the woods! “

Marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also by planetary movements such as Black Lives Matter or demonstrations for the climate, the current period is likely to encourage reflections on the organization of our societies, believes Sylvie Trottier. Hence the need to place the issue of redistribution at the center of the debate, “To reduce inequalities and finance the programs we so badly need”.

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