Rhineland-Palatinate: woman (60) drowned in front of her grandchildren

It should be a walk with her grandchildren. But it ended in a tragic accident.

A woman (60) was on Thursday afternoon with her two grandchildren on the edge of a country road near Kriegsfeld (Donnersbergkreis / Rhineland-Palatinate). She pushed the youngest, only a few months old, in front of her in the stroller. Her granddaughter (11) was there too.

Then the three of them met a car – it was driving on the wrong side of the road.

Horror accident! The woman was hit by the car in front of her grandchildren!

The baby’s stroller was also thrown through the air, said a police spokesman. The little boy was not injured and was taken to a hospital for surveillance. The woman died in a clinic, the 11-year-old was not injured.

A man (71) sat at the wheel of the car.

He “probably violated the right to drive,” said the police. The woman and her grandchildren were therefore on the left-hand side of the L405, as seen from him. The country road had to be closed in both directions while the accident was being recorded.

A crisis intervention team had been called to the scene of the accident, said the police spokesman. Such a team takes care of psychologically traumatizing accidents.

Investigations have been started against the driver on suspicion of negligent homicide.


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