Revealing the person behind the decision to resign from super fisherman Anh Vien

It was Anh Vien’s grandmother who advised the female swimmer to take a break from the top competition to take care of her personal life.

“Anh Vien is old, serving the sports industry for ten years, so he leaves the playing field to the young people behind. Moreover, Anh Vien also wants to focus on studying.

Therefore, the family supported and agreed to let Anh Vien take a break and focus on studying”, Anh Vien’s father – Mr. Nguyen Van Tac (born 1975, living in Giai Xuan commune, Phong Dien district, Can Tho city) shared in October 9th.

Anh Vien used to be the number one “fisherman” of Vietnam

Returning to Vietnam after the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with a result much lower than her own peak, swimmer Nguyen Thi Anh Vien (SN 1996) expressed her wish to take a break from the top-notch competition from October 1.

At the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Anh Vien competed in the 200m freestyle, 800m freestyle and both achieved results far behind his best.

In the 200m freestyle event, Anh Vien reached 2 minutes 05 seconds 30, ranked 26th out of 29 athletes. In the 800m freestyle swim, Anh Vien finished with 9 minutes 03 seconds 56, ranked 31/31 athletes.

According to Mr. Dinh Viet Hung, Vice President and General Secretary of the Vietnam Aquatics Association, this is not the first time fisherman Anh Vien has resigned, because a year ago, Anh Vien also applied for leave. With the encouragement of the Vietnam Aquatics Association, Anh Vien has returned.

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Mr. Tac supports his daughter’s decision

According to Mr. Tac, before requesting a break from the top-flight competition, fisherman Anh Vien consulted his parents and received consent. He personally supports his daughter’s decision.

Meanwhile, the female fisherman’s mother hopes that her daughter will focus on her studies in the near future. Currently, fisherman Anh Vien and his brother are in Ho Chi Minh City, due to the epidemic, they cannot return to Can Tho city.

Nguyen Van Toi (Anh Vien’s grandfather) who also taught Anh Vien to swim at a young age said that his granddaughter did not share his desire to stop competing at the top with him. However, he also supports this decision.

“Anh Vien has grown up, I want him to study for success, then get married soon,” Mr. Toi said.

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Anh Vien’s mother does not want her daughter to be away from home

Mr. Tac once told about Anh Vien: “Anh Vien was born into a genuine farmer family, his mother and father worked in floods all year round with 3-4 workers in fields and gardens, so life was just enough.

Only my parents, ie his grandparents, had to become a reluctant “nanny”, staying at home to take care of my grandchildren and let my wife and I go to the field.

Although the family’s residence is in Can Tho city, Ba Cau hamlet (Giai Xuan commune, Phong Dien district) is no different from a countryside with the characteristics of rice fields, gardens interwoven with a system of interlaced rivers and canals.

Every year, the flood water overflows, the story of children drowning is the obsession of families with young children. Knowing how to swim is a condition for children to live safely with rivers and is also a criterion for many rural families.

Tac added, when Anh Vien was about 3-4 years old, his father often took him to the riverbank in front of the house to practice swimming because he thought it was a better way to keep the baby than to watch every step, because the baby also very hyperactive.

After less than a week of practice, the baby could swim, his father was happy and praised that the child was a good swimmer, the family was less worried about drowning but did not think it was any talent.

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Grandpa is Anh Vien’s swimming instructor, proud of his medal collection.

“Once, Anh Vien listened to previous classmates compare and calculate about the future of professional athletes. It is afraid that later on, when it stops swimming, it will be… hungry! Mentally, he seemed to be in turmoil, so he went home and told me that, listening to what his friends said, he was so frustrated, he must have given up and stopped practicing.

I don’t force her, but just say, her future is decided by her, if you think you have any strengths, you should choose and focus on studying and training.

When he was training in Can Tho, he could go home once every 1-2 weeks, until he gathered at National Defense Center 2 (Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City), his family did not know.

A few months later, the family found out that they went to Thu Duc to visit their children. From then on, all the time he devoted to training, he could only visit home once a year for 1 day. When I go to training abroad every year, I can only go home for 1 day.

Anh Vien has not been able to celebrate Tet at home with her grandparents and parents for a long time. The first year to celebrate Tet in the US, seeing people’s families, homesick, he called home to cry, his mother also cried,” he said.

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Grandma Anh Vien also supports her decision

And now, when talking about her granddaughter’s decision, Anh Vien’s grandmother revealed: “I personally asked Anh Vien to take a break because I found it difficult to be away from home. Whenever Anh Vien took an exam, I didn’t watch TV because I was away from home. I was afraid to cry because I missed and loved him. Therefore, Anh Vien asked to take a break from the top competition, I agreed.


Why did fisherman Anh Vien take a break from the national team for the second time?

Swimmer Nguyen Thi Anh Vien asked for a second time off from the Vietnamese national team.

According to Thanh Ngoc (Traffic Newspaper)


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