Rescued a 9-year-old boy who was lost more than 20 km to find his mother

Son LaMr. Ban Van Tu discovered that the boy was hungry, walking on the national highway in the direction of Moc Chau, so he stopped to ask questions, on the evening of August 30.

Mr. Tu, 37 years old, police officer of Lien Hoa commune, Van Ho district said that when he saw the boy on the road in a remote area, there were no houses around, it was getting dark again, so he guessed he was lost. When asked, the boy could only whisper a few words, could not remember the name or address of the family, only said that he was looking for his mother. “Perhaps because he was too tired and scared because he was lost and hungry, the boy couldn’t speak,” Tu said.

He took the baby to the police station of Chieng Khoa commune, fed and rested, and reported it to his superiors to verify his identity. Being cared for, the boy gradually regained consciousness, said his name was Khuong, was in grade 4, his father’s name was Dam, his mother’s name was Lan.

Khuong was taken to the police station of Chieng Khoa commune by officers and soldiers to verify his identity, on the afternoon of August 30. Image: Tong Giang – CAH Van Ho

Based on the little information he could remember, the Van Ho district police working group and Lien Hoa commune police posted information about the lost baby on social networks and organized a search for information through population data. After about two hours, the district police identified the baby as Ngan Van Khuong, 9 years old, living in Pa Di village, Suoi Bang commune. Around 7:00 pm on August 30, the boy was brought home by the working group and handed over to his family safely.

Mr. Ngan Van Dam, 36 years old, Khuong’s father, said that when he returned from work in the afternoon, he found out that his son was missing, so he asked his relatives to split up to look around the village but could not find it. After asking about his son, Mr. Dam only knew Khuong because he remembered that his mother was working as a hired worker in Moc Chau town (60 km from home), so he took a water bottle to find his mother right after the lesson.

After traveling more than 20 km, to the border between To Mua commune and Chieng Khoa commune (Van Ho district), Khuong slowed down because of fatigue, exhaustion and disorientation and met the policeman of Ban Van Tu commune.

Khuong was brought home safely by Van Ho police officers and family on the afternoon of August 30.  Photo: Tong Giang - CAH Van Ho

Khuong was brought home safely by Van Ho police officers and family on the afternoon of August 30. Image: Tong Giang – CAH Van Ho

“I don’t think she would dare to go to town alone because she missed her mother. My family can only thank the enthusiastic help and noble gesture of the police officers and soldiers of Van Ho district, the police. Lien Hoa commune”, Mr. Dam said.

Mr. Lo Cam Hoang, Chairman of Suoi Bang Commune People’s Committee, said that Khuong is the eldest child in a family of three siblings. The situation is difficult, my mother has been working as a hired worker for more than a week, now the three brothers are at home with their grandparents and father.

“When I went missing, my whole family went to look for it but couldn’t find it, fortunately they met policemen to help. Even in the evening of the same day, I was able to return home and is in stable health,” said Mr. Hoang.

Quynh Nguyen


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